Four Armed Gunmen Arrested By Police


SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department arrested four people who were armed with guns on May 4. According to a press release from the SFPD website, the incident occurred at approximately7:30 p.m. when SF police officers responded to multiple calls of several males armed with guns on the 900 block of Market Street.

Officers arrived on the scene within minutes and spotted the four suspects matching the descriptions given by witnesses. Authorities approached the suspects, with their weapons drawn and ordered the suspects to the ground. The suspects all ignored the officer’s requests and fled on foot in different directions around the Hallidie Plaza area.

The department set up a coordinated plan that resulted in the arrest of all four suspects. Authorities were also about to obtain the handguns used during the incident. Arrest by police included Orlando Ware, 23, of San Francisco, Paul Antoine, 28, of San Francisco, Marvin Session, 23, of San Francisco and Lendale Warren, 21, of San Francisco.

Ware, Antoine and Session were all charged with weapons violation and resisting/delaying arrest, while Warren was charged with felony burglary and forgery warrants.

By Staff