UNITED STATES—The Fourth of July weekend is upon us people, so what plans do you have for the festive holiday. For most, they’ll get that extended weekend with the holiday falling on a Monday this year. While for most it will be a three-day holiday weekend, some will actually be taking what we call a four-day holiday weekend, cause I know plenty of people that will kick off their weekend starting on Friday.

For our family, we’re hosting a family reunion, which is slightly exciting, but also unnerving at the same time. Why? Cause I’ll be interacting with family members that I have not seen in years, yes I’m being quite serious. There are some family members that I haven’t actually seen in close to 10 years or more. So there is much more anticipation people compared to actual nerves. I think it’s going to be plenty of excitement, as we form memories that will last forever.

There has been a bit of ruffled feathers along the way with family members. I mean you always have those relatives who have to be in control of everything, which created a bit of unnecessary friction I must say. I’m seriously hoping that there is NO UNNCESSARY DRAMA at our reunion, as its planned for us to see our grandparents who are seriously getting their in age. If something erupts, I can promise you that I will never attend another family reunion, and I mean it 2000 percent. If people can’t find a way to mingle 2 days max with family they haven’t seen in years without making waves than what’s the point.

I mean both are in their 90s and come November 2016 they’ll celebrate their 70th anniversary. Yes, 70 years! I don’t know anyone who has been married that long. So some core grandkids are making it their goal to ensure the family remembers this is NOT about us, it’s about our grandparents. The picnic is the big staple for the event, as it will be plenty of food galore, games and recounting memories from the past that so many of us forgot or barely can remember.

We have a massive family, so right now the verdict is still out on how many family members will be in attendance for the big event. There has been plenty of RSVPs, but there are still some family members who have completed paying their dues and are still weary of rather they will attend or not. What is at the root of this hold-out? People are complaining about the minimal funds they have to pay; I mean I can understand if the person didn’t have the money, but the problem is these are all people who have LOADS of money and are just being slightly cheap. Let’s hope they have a spiritual awakening and do the right thing.

While many of us are barbequing, I think its important that we understand the importance of this great holiday, better known as Independence Day, where our country obtained its freedom from Great Britain. The Fourth of July is about celebrating patriotism, America, and all things that make this country great, that even includes wearing the preferable red, white and blue. Also in the midst of those celebrations are fireworks, which have become a staple for many Americans. Throwing an epic firework display to entertain the kiddies, but also at the same time to entertain the adults.

No matter, how you celebrate the Fourth of July, just remember to please be safe, don’t drink and drive, and don’t allow your kids to light fireworks, they should only be done by a supervised adult people. I’ve heard way too many accidents of people losing fingers or an eye with a firework going array.

Fourth Of July Madness was originally published on San Francisco News