UNITED STATES—Gambling has come a long way since the days of Bugsy Siegel. Now, thanks to the progressive and innovative nature of the industry, we have seen Las Vegas become one of the most popular cities to visit, the growth of slot games and the dominance of online gambling. This phenomenal growth has meant online casinos such as Royal Vegas CA and their US counterparts over the border have to abide by gambling laws. This is to protect the economy, players and adhere to fair gameplay. However, online casinos in Canada and the USA do not operate under the same laws and legislation. The gambling laws are similar in some regards but differ in one significant way. Here is a clear comparison of gambling laws in Canada and the USA.

Gambling Laws in the USA

The USA introduced the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act in 2006 – which is often shortened to UIGEA. This law was made to ban payments on all methods of online gambling. However, this law was then clarified by the Justice Department in 2011 to only be relevant to betting on sporting events. The implications of these laws mean that some players can find it difficult when trying to use many payment methods on online casinos. Overall, the UIGEA makes state-to-state jurisdiction of online gambling in the USA somewhat muddy water and inconvenient for players.

Gambling Laws in Canada

Neighbours Canada do not have to wrestle with these limitations. Online casinos in Canada are free to operate and are controlled within each jurisdiction. Due to not having to contend with laws such as the UIGEA, they are free to transfer money to gambling sites and withdraw from them using an array of payment methods. This way of online gambling has fewer hurdles to navigate and makes for a more seamless gaming experience.

How to Gamble Within the Law?

One way that players can protect themselves when gambling is researching the online casino you are using. You should find out if the online casino you are using is a legal one. A common mistake people make is to assume a gambling license means they are legal. Having a gambling license (in Canada) does point towards a legal and fair casino, but it has been known that illegally operating casinos have also held the proper licenses.

For those who want to enjoy online gambling in the USA, they often do so by looking overseas. There are online gambling sites in other countries – including Canada – that will accept US players. This will allow them to gamble safely without breaking US gambling laws. However, these people also need to research the online casino they use to ensure they are gambling with a licensed, legal and fair site.

In A Nutshell

Gambling on Canadian and US soil can be a fruitful and enjoyable experience. Both nations offer different types of games, including slot games, poker, blackjack and even popular gambling games that originated from Asia. However, Canadian gamblers enjoy a greater sense of economic freedom. They do not have to navigate laws such as the UIGEA and enjoy easier payment processes as a result.