HOLLYWOOD—I was none too pleased with the ABC soap “General Hospital” last week, which for reasons I could not fathom choose not to air any new episodes for a majority of the week. At first I thought it was a prank, but realized that was not the case. However, things got back to normal this week. There is so much going on, I have no idea where to start, but I guess we have to chat about the twin twist involving Ryan and Kevin.

For weeks, the audience was under the ruse that the patient locked in the padded room next to Carly in Ferncliff was someone ‘looking’ to reach out. The notion was that Ryan, Kevin’s murderous, psychopathic brother was posing in Port Charles as his brother, but NOPE! Ryan was actually in that padded cell all along, and Kevin was doing his best to help his brother. Well, that’s when things take a turn for the whacky, as Ryan was able to escape his straight jacket and overpower Kevin this week to take his place.

So this coincides with perfection on “GH’s” decision to have The Invader publish a piece celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the Kevin Chamberlain murders. I love how things just always seem to coincide together, especially having those chats between Felicia and Kevin about Ryan. This is a great thing because we know Genie Francis is returning to the canvas as Laura Spencer and she will be closely tied to the Kevin/Ryan drama. Also Felicia, will finally have a storyline after being put on the back burner for years.

It’s always great to see a character that should have a bit of shine finally get the opportunity to have shine on the small screen. The most interesting aspect of this storyline is the audience has NO IDEA what Ryan’s endgame is. Is he planning to get vengeance on his brother, Felicia or does he have some other sinister plan in play that will shake the residents of Port Charles to the core.

Let’s transition the conversation to something of a serious matter involving Oscar, Drew and Kim. Oscar is suffering from a life-threatening illness and from the looks of things it is not good one bit. Kim fears the worst, Drew fears the worst and it looks like the crisis will bring brothers Drew and Jason closer. It will only usher in heartache for Joss, if she loses her first great love. Do I see the soap killing off a kid? Well they do indeed have a history of it, so I wouldn’t be surprised, not to mention it would drive some very interesting narrative for the months to come.

That is not it America there is still plenty more to discuss, involving the baby Wiley drama. Looks like Julian’s sleuthing paid off as the ‘birth mother’ decided to back off her claims to garner her son, giving Lucas and Brad custody of the baby. I’m dying, and I mean dying to know who the birth mother of that baby is. Alexis is aware that Brad and Lucas are keeping a secret, and when the truth comes out about Brad’s shady dealings it’s going to be a mess to say the least, one that may not be easy to clean-up at all.

Faces audiences love have returned to the canvas, as Finn and Anna made their return to Port Charles, but who wants Cassandra alive is still a major mystery. The only clue we know is that it’s someone who was seen wearing the Cassadine crest ring. Who from the Cassadine clan has returned from the dead? We do know it’s a male, but beyond that it could be Stavros, Stephen, Nikolas or someone else. Anna has unfinished business with Peter, who while the town pariah, has found a way to mold himself back into the mix.

He owns a trashy magazine and seems to be staying in Port Charles long-term. Anna is still having trouble reaching out to Peter, just as a sibling rivalry is about to explode with the return of Kimberley McCullough as Robin Scorpio-Drake. Peter has a ton of animosity he is still holding against his mother, even as Anna attempted to do her best to reason and bond with her long lost child, it went nowhere, so Robin might be able to mend fences.

Let’s cap off our discussion talking about the drama surrounding Nina and her long-lost daughter. Just when we thought we were getting somewhere, Nina learns that her mother Madeline Reeves is dead. Hmm, this is no coincidence and I suspect someone had her killed to prevent the truth about Nina’s daughter from coming to light. Nina is no idiot, she spotted Curtis and Valentin having a tense conversation, and we know once Nina’s mind starts churning it never stops. I can absolutely see her getting Curtis to spill the truth to her that will spin into an emotional rollercoaster, giving Michelle Stafford that long-awaited storyline audiences have been dying to come to fruition.