HOLLYWOOD—I never expected in a million years, when it was revealed that Mishael Morgan was vacating the role of Hilary Curtis on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless,” that it would involve an unexpected twist. That twist being Hilary’s demise would ultimately come at the hands of her nemesis Lily Ashby in an accident never expected. A car crash, where Lily had no idea that she ran a red light, which at first I thought was a complete accident as well.

It wasn’t until Charlie alluded to Cane that Lily ran that light causing the collision that a plethora of madness exploded. Devon was livid, and Shauna, who was trying to keep mum, exploded with rage. It was that revelation that led to an explosive family rift, with Devon out for blood, Neil caught in the middle and a family so close knit literally ripped apart. Lily faced the music, but this week the reality of her actions came to a held in the courtroom. Shauna who I expected to follow Devon’s lead, showed a remarkable amount of compassion not just for Devon, but for Lily and her family.

Okay, I had a bit of hope that things might turn out good for Lily, but then Devon spoke and he just ripped his sister into pieces. The guy did not show any remorse at all, however, it was a conversation with Cane who may have finally and I mean finally sparked a nerve in Devon realizing that his quest for vengeance might destroy his sister in way that he never expected, but the judge had already determined his verdict at that point. Lily was carted off to jail for 12 months.

I really did not see that coming, but with the news that Lily’s portrayer Christel Khalil bumping down to recurring status, it makes perfect sense for the ruling. Audiences are not going to see Lily on the small screen much in the coming weeks, so this works, but I’m not so sure what that means for the rest of Khalil’s co-stars in terms of storylines.

The friction between Billy, Phyllis and Summer is reaching an all-time high. Phyllis is none too pleased with her daughter’s antics, and Billy is well aware that giving Summer the cold shoulder is the best alternative for this complicated situation at hand. Billy has a much bigger problem that he should be focused on: Kyle Abbott. The kid ever since returning to town has been quite a revelation. Kyle is devious, cunning and willing to make moves that many would question to get what he wants. After Ashley absolutely told him not to utilize Billy’s gambling addiction to reclaim Jabot, Kyle went behind his aunt’s back.

Up to this point, I never thought Kyle took his antics too far, but this is a time where I have issues with what Kyle is doing. It’s morally and ethically wrong, and it’s simply jealously that is motivating Kyle’s behavior. He is not happy that Summer is attracted to Billy and not him. Kyle should hope this ruse that he is planning does not backfire because if it does not only will Ashley be livid with him, but so will Jack, and I don’t Kyle is prepared to disappoint his father yet again.

In other news, the audience is getting more and more about Rey’s backstory. For starters, he’s connected to a resident in Genoa City. Any guesses? Its Arturo, Abby’s boy toy, who happens to be Rey’s brother. All we know at this point is that the rift between the brothers goes deep, not to mention the fact that Rey is indeed in town claiming to be on business to learn who utilized J.T.’s credit card details. As a viewer, you can spot from a mile away this is complete baloney and there is so much more going on that we have not a single clue about. I do love the fact that Rey is so easily getting underneath the fearsome fours skin. Sharon is a nervous wreck, so is Phyllis, but we are really starting to see the pressure get to Victoria, who suffered a panic attack after a conversation with Rey.

Thankfully, Nate came to her rescue, but he knows for a fact that something is not quite right with Victoria and that she should seek professional help. However, the more Victoria acts as if nothing is wrong it becomes quite apparent something major is indeed wrong. At first I was thinking the writers were trying to pair Nate and Victoria, and I still sense that, but time will tell. I’m not really expecting this storyline to go anywhere anytime soon, but the most important development is the news regarding Phyllis and Nick’s fling. Once that bomb drops it will have ripple effects that will shatter Genoa City to pieces.