UNITED STATES—Clutter, clutter people, we talk about it all the time and I’m realizing once you get things organized and in order, it just makes your life so much easier. This past week I did a massive and I mean massive overhaul of the basement. There were things in the furnace room, the laundry room, the closets, and just all over the place that needed to be addressed.

I found things that I didn’t even know I had. So what did I do? Tossed, kept and donated. There were so many things that I just did not need so I got rid of them. What am I keeping this for? Is it bringing me joy? No, it is not brining me joy in any fashion its taking up space so its needs to go. I don’t think I used so many large black trash bags in my life, but the aftermath was glorious.

Why? I realized how much more space I had in my home. Closets that were just full of things, I could actually walk into and see what I actually had. In addition, I was able to declutter other places in the home that were building with items and move them to other places to open up more space into the home. The frustrating thing about cleaning up clutter you’re forced to realize money you wastefully spent, things that you didn’t know that you had that are in near mint condition, but items that you could give to others who might need it and could actually use it.

The garbage can did not enjoy the loads of trash that will have to be picked up this week. Tiresome, yes without a doubt, but the biggest thing about decluttering your home is that you have to open your eyes to the fact that you might be a hoarder. You want to keep something simply because you purchased it. Guess what? No, no, you can’t do that successfully. You have to let things go. It might sting to do it, but it is the only way to truly rid the home of things that just take up space and for so many of us, there is just lots of things taking up space in the home that need to go. Now, not later, get rid of it right now to bring a bit of calm to your arena.

Written By Zoe Mitchell