SAN FRANCISCOFinishing up one of the franchise history’s worst first halves, the Phillies got swept by the Giants in a 4-2 victory on Sunday, July 12. San Francisco (46-43) currently sits at second place in NL West.

The Giants, entering the All-Star break three games strong, threw three double plays in the first four innings. Giants pitcher Chris Heston allowed one run and seven hits, and struck out seven and walked nobody. Back up catcher Andrew Susac also threw out Cezar Hernandez stealing second in the first inning. In the fourth inning, Brandon Crawford hit a single that put the Giants on the board, and after that Susac hit a three-run home-run off Chad Billingsley.

Things have been especially grim for Philadelphia since manager Ryan Sandberg resigned on June 26. They are at an all-time low as a franchise, setting the record last night for most games lost before the All-Star break. The previous record was 61 games before the break, in 1997. They scored both runs last night when two balls hit by Ryan Howard landed in the outfield.

After a four-day break, the Giants’ next game is in Phoenix on Friday, July 17, against the Diamondbacks, who are third in the league.