“Glee” Recap: ‘All Or Nothing’


HOLLYWOOD—The season four finale of “Glee” was upon us answering some long-awaited questions while leaving some new questions unanswered in the episode “All Or Nothing.”

It’s finally time for Regionals and the glee club was excited to here that due to bad weather, the competition would be held on their home-turf at the McKinley High auditorium. Mr. Schuester (Mathew Morrison) also sent well wishes to Rachel (Lea Michelle) who was currently performing for her callback audition. Rachel performed Celine Dion’s “To Love You More,” and it was a spectacular performance filled with passion and was beautifully sung. No surprise there since Rachel’s songs are always a home run. The audience never finds out if Rachel gets the role, but it must be impossible for a talent like that to be rejected.

Meanwhile, Brittany (Heather Morris) gets some surprising news from her visit at MIT because apparently she is some sort of mathematical genius. This sparks a diva reaction from Brittany as she makes crazy demands from the glee club, ridicules her classmates and refuses to perform at the upcoming Regionals. Mr. Schuester and Sue (Jane Lynch) try to understand what is going on with Brittany but all that happens is that we find out that the celebrity father of Sue’s baby is Michael Bolton. It only took an entire season, but we finally found out Sue’s baby daddy!

Ryder (Blake Jenner) also decides he won’t perform at the competition unless someone tells him who the “Catfish” is. He is tired of speaking to his mystery girl online without knowing her true identity. After unleashing his anger, Marley (Melissa Benoist) makes a surprising revelation stating that she is the person who Ryder has been speaking to online. It’s not until later that we find out that Marley took the blame for Unique’s (Alex Newell) actions. Unique tells Ryder she was “Katie” and she only started talking to him online because she liked him and wanted to get to know him. She did not mean to have it go so far, but she knew that he would never like her the way she was in real life. Ryder refuses to forgive her and vows to never speak to Unique again.

It seems we have another proposal to look forward to which most likely will go nowhere. Blaine (Darren Criss) is adamant on proposing to Kurt (Chris Colfer) despite everyone telling him it’s a stupid idea. He goes to a store and buys an engagement ring where he meets Jan (Patty Duke), an elderly woman who is a lesbian that has been with her partner for many years. Jan and her partner go to dinner with Blaine and Kurt where they discuss how their relationship has evolved over the years. The two women feel proud they can finally gain acceptance from others on their relationship, leading Jan to propose to her partner. This seems like the final push Blaine needed to convince him that he is doing the right thing. This might end badly for him in the end since Kurt might not feel the same.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) calls Santana (Naya Rivera) asking for help as Brittany is not acting like herself. It takes a while, but before their performance at Regionals, Brittany finally tells the glee club why she has been acting strange. She tells them that she got an early acceptance to MIT and they want her to leave immediately. Brittany then gives a tearful speech on how much she cares for each person in the glee club and how much confidence she has gained with their help.

Ryder also shows up right before the New Directions were to perform saying he shouldn’t punish the whole glee club since he is only mad at one person. He also stated that he won’t be coming back to glee club after Regionals.

The Hoosierdaddies, New Direction’s competition, was led by Frida (Jessica Sanchez) and did an incredible performance. They were the group to beat as they performed Zedd’s “Clarity” and Little Mix’s “Wings” under Frida’s lead. Frida may be a recurring character in future episodes as she has a lot of talent to bring to the series.

The New Directions always perform with so much enthusiasm that it’s fun to watch. The boys took the lead first with The Script’s song “Hall of Fame” while the girls stepped up to the plate with Icona Pop’s upbeat song, “I Love It.” The final song was an original song written by Marley called “All or Nothing” and it was a hit. “Glee” should provide more original songs, especially when they’re as good as this.

Everyone was holding their breath when they announced the first place winners for Regionals. The pregnant pause had the audience at the edge of their seats, until they finally heard what they were rooting for. The New Directions won first place and will be going to Nationals in sunny Los Angeles.

“Glee” fans were hit with another surprise when Emma (Jayma Mays) said she wanted an impromptu wedding around those they loved since obviously a big wedding was too much pressure for her. In the choir room, Emma walked in as flower petals were thrown in front of her and the glee members hummed “The Wedding March.” It was a sweet moment to see how eager Emma and Will were to finally tie the knot. The scene ends with everyone cheering while Blaine is holding a jewelery box behind his back as he looks fondly at Kurt.

Did Rachel get the “Funny Girl” role? Will Blaine purpose? And if he does, will Kurt say yes? So many questions yet “Glee” fans will have to wait until the Fall for season five to get some answers.

By Ivetta Babadjanian