UNITED STATES─I know I’m not the only person who initially encountered this dilemma after obtaining my undergraduate degree many years ago. You’ve paid all this money for a college education, but you’re unable to find a job that falls within the realm of the degree you earned. There is this crazy myth that if you have a college degree it heightens your opportunity of landing a job. I don’t know if I fully agree with that notion. You might find a job, but it won’t be one that caters to your specific skill set.

I had so many pals who struggled for more than a year after graduating college just landing a job. Making the situation worse is you know that student loan debt that you incurred while in school will soon come to light. Yes, you’ll have to start paying that student loan debt back. I mean really, in six months you’re expected to start paying off thousands of dollars in debt that you have amounted to get an education to hopefully land a job that should change your life.

I wish I could give people the answer to that question, but I can’t all I can tell you is that hitting the pavement before graduation nears and not letting up on your pursuit of that dream job is key. Look, I’m not expert in the field and while I have yet to land that dream job, but you have to be consistent in trying to gain experience anyway possible to get closer to using that degree you obtained in its full capacity.

There are so many people I know who graduated from my alma matter who I run into who are working at jobs that they don’t absolutely love, but it pays the bills. So tell me what is fair about paying thousands of dollars for a degree that is just a piece of paper that you cannot fully utilize to your benefit. It’s like someone telling you pay all this money and hopefully one day that degree you have will come in handy.

Could it potentially be a pride thing with many millennials I know? At first I used to think that, but it dawned on me I would feel the same way if I had a job that I utterly hated and I had to go to work every day because I needed to pay the bills. That is a hard pill to swallow and I don’t care who you are, that is not easy to ask someone to do that. Some might do it for a period of time, but that moment will soon come where you cannot escape the thought circling in your head. Those thoughts telling you, you’re miserable at your job, you’re wasting your talent, take a gamble.

That is the thing about a gamble, you never know when it might lead you to win big or win you might lose big, but in life you have to fall flat sometimes on your face in order to know precisely what success feels like. Yeah, if you go to school for accounting, engineering, teaching, mathematics and science-related fields, you definitely increase your chances of landing a job immediately after graduation.

I will be the first to admit I had parents tell me the same thing, but why would I go to school and pursue a degree in a field that doesn’t interest me because I wanted to land a job. I would be miserable with that decision because I wouldn’t be pursuing something that delivered me a feeling that I could not explain with words. I don’t know if the jobs are NOT available or we live in a society where the goal is to leave thousands of Americans in debt for pursuing a dream where the degree they obtain is useless.