CALIFORNIA—On Wednesday, July 10, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will offer assistance to undocumented adults from lower-income communities and families between the ages of 19-25 to have healthcare. The bill is on route to go into effect in 2020.

The state of California offers Medicaid to individuals under the age of 18, whether they are undocumented or a legal resident of the United States. The new bill, with funding coming from $98 million from taxpayer contributions, will allow approximately 90,000 residents to access the state’s healthcare program no matter their immigration status.

During the second presidential debate, several candidates supported granting undocumented residents healthcare in the United States.

“California celebrates our immigrant communities and our state is stronger because of the generations of people who have come here from all over the world to work hard and give a better life to their children,” tweeted the Office of Governor of California on July 12.