HOLLYWOOD—The mid-season finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended with one hell of a bombshell. Hanna learned that Derrick, the guy she was smitten by, was responsible for raping her and he is Candace’s father. Yeah, I pegged something was off about this character and I even confirmed it before the bomb was dropped, but now it’s time for all the chaos of that reveal.

The premiere episode, ‘A Wicked Web’ saw a bunch of mayhem erupt as a result. Derrick attempted to plead his case, but Hanna was frozen with fear. Benny interrupted the situation, and both Derrick and Hanna tried to cover the situation. I really thought Hanna would disclose the truth, but she wanted to keep this truth from her son, who realized something was up with his mother.

The mayhem continued as Jeffery was able to prevent Justin from taking a glass bottle to his throat. Justin is indeed a master manipulator and Jeffery is falling for his antics, hook, line and sinker. Jeffery RUN! Justin is not stable and if you stick around things will not end well. Madison was alerted by his pal the location of Justin’s address, just as he denied spilling the tea to David about Jeffery’s whereabouts. Jim received a call from Mitch, but didn’t seem to remember him until he mentioned his last name, ‘Malone.’

Jim seemed quite frightened, and when Mitch spilled the tea that his family is aware that Wyatt attempted to murder his uncle, the patriarch was knocked down a few pegs to say the least. Mitch proposed a deal, but Jim was worried sick about what could transpire next. Oh, this is getting good. Hanna still reeling from that bombshell, found herself contacting Katheryn to attempt to get to the bottom about Derrick. Katheryn confessed about knowing that Derrick was in jail, but little did Katheryn know about Derrick’s sordid past. Mrs. Cryer was baffled by the revelation, and it left her in utter shock.

Katheryn was stunned to learn that Derrick is Candace’s father and she wanted to comfort her pal, but Hanna being strong-willed continued to close out the people who care about her most. Furious with the revelation, Katheryn planned to get revenge for her pal. Back at The White House, Candace and Charles were forced to share their tale about how they met. It looks like the former president has an ace up his sleeve and whispered something that caught Candace off guard to say the least.

David was not having a good day, and was lashing out a bit at Madison as he dealt with his impending issues with Veronica and the whereabouts of Jeffery. Jeffery was forced to take a call from David, against Justin’s wishes. David’s intuition kicked in and he knew Jeffery was with Justin, and Madison gave David all he needed. Charles and Candace realized they were not well liked by the current party in the White House, and I wonder where this political battle is headed. This should indeed be fun.

Candace and Charles talked about the inner workings inside the White House, and Candace was ready to resort to her old roots. The episode culminated with David showing up at Justin’s apartment unexpected. Jeffery hid for cover, just as David burst into Justin’s place, but didn’t expect his son’s lover to place a gun at his head. Things are already off to a frenetic fun. ‘Temptation Tuesday’ is back “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards and I am ecstatic.