HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘A Working Girl,’ saw Hanna continuing to play her little game with David, just as Wyatt was overtly remorseful when Vinny came to pay him a visit. Vinny made it crystal clear to Wyatt that he wanted a one million dollars or he planned to come back and finish the job.

Wyatt alerted Jim about his latest predicament, and dear ole dad once again was forced to find a way to get his son out of a dicey situation. This David and Hanna interaction is so intriguing; seeing Hanna play into his game before she called him out on his antics. Seeing him tell him to get the stepping was hilarious as hell people. David you’re failing miserably; it’s time to get moving pal.

Welcome the Ice Queen, Veronica was not pleased to get a call from Katheryn Cryer. She laughed, but those laughs from Veronica easily stopped when Katheryn dropped the bomb about her defaulting on her mortgage for her facilities. The Ice Queen was rattled people and I LOVED every minute of it. Not so powerful Veronica are we? Veronica showcased her legal expertise as the hospital wanted to terminate her services.

Veronica turned the tables and made it clear that the doctor who made the complaint was sexually harassing her. As much as I hate Veronica Harrington, the girl is good at what she does. She even fought for Celine to get a raise. The Ice Queen dug deep into members of the hospital and I was living for it. The award for MVP of the night goes to Veronica Harrington. When Veronica is doing good; she is likable as a character. Wait, did I just say that?

Vinny and Jim had a conversation, where the Malone was well aware that Mr. Cryer wanted something. Jim revealed he gave him $75,000 in exchange for Wyatt’s safety. Remember Mitch took some of those funds to pay off Benny’s debt. Jim thinks he ‘knows’ Vinny, but it seems like this Malone means business when he says it. Hanna was harassed yet again by one of Landon’s flunkies digging for Intel, just as Jim paid David a visit hoping to hear good news.

David what Hanna did was force you to face the sins of the past. It is called guilt and it is starting to eat away at you to say the least. Jim connected the dots involving Mitch and the funds that he didn’t give. Something is developing between Hanna and David. The face-to-face we’ve been waiting for: Katheryn vs. Veronica on the $54 million loan.

Veronica defaulted on her loan because she plans to testify against Katheryn during her trail, and she expected her former pal to pay her loans. Katheryn dropped the bomb that Hanna has the Power of Attorney of her estate. Veronica you’re in major trouble and it showed once Katheryn left, as the face of worry was riddled all over her. So we see Candace and Benny again, as they avoided phone calls from Hanna, who released news about a reporter asking questions about her past, which started to unnerve Hanna Young. Candace connected the dots and realized it was Landon who pushed the reporters on her mother. Jim decided he wanted to continue to be a pest to Hanna, but she decided she was not willing to play games with him. She delivered a few barbs in the process, as Jim begged for money to save Wyatt’s life from the Malone family. Jim attempted another bribe this time for $1 million, but Hanna Young cannot be bought buddy.

Jim issued a threat to kill Candace if anything happens to Wyatt, and Hanna retaliated by letting Jim know if something happens to her daughter, he will meet death. Oliver called Landon to inform him that Charles hasn’t come out of his room and Oliver was anxious. Landon informed his protégé to not worry and not to interrupt Charles. So in the final moments Benny was ready to handle Landon, but Candace made it clear that she had things handled, but instead of just Landon coming up, so was Charles.

Oh, next week’s finale is going to be good people, and I mean good. Mitch learns he is in trouble with the family, Justin reaches his boiling point, Veronica prepares Tanner to do her bidding and Charles and Candace come face-to-face people. Oh, for a mid-season finale I expect some chaos to say the least. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!