HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been waiting since last week to figure out precisely what illness Hanna’s grandson Quincy Jr. is suffering from, and we might have to wait a little bit longer. The latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” revolved around Candace digging herself into a deeper grave in ‘An Evil Soul.’

Warlock was fuming mad after discovering his pal screwed him over, not to mention finding Quincy’s dead body, and wanted to understand why his pal screwed him over. She was scared with his reaction to her betrayal, and they share a connection he has with no one else.

He wanted the money, and when she revealed that she was unable to provide the money he was desperately seeking he was ready to shoot her dead and whipped out a gun with a silencer. Damn, for a guy who seemed like a class act, he doesn’t take betrayal lightly. He demanded $1.5 million from her and fired shots in the home; she acknowledge that her funds were stolen by a guy named Oscar. Hmm, has she put a target on Oscar? Candace has put herself in a bad situation that will not be easy to climb out of.

Wyatt used some drugs to help ensure he showed clean during his urine test. The DA did her best to reassure Wyatt that his parents are still behind bars, and she alerted him that Jeffrey was arrested for a DUI. Jennifer was not pleased to receive documentation from the Attorney General on behalf of Maggie to get David Harrington bounced from the slammer and not Jim Cryer. It became apparent both of these ladies are after David’s affections. Looks like Veronica has even more competition to keep her claws in her husband.

Looks like Katheryn is the about to be released from the slammer, which did not make Veronica the least bit happy. Benny found himself dealing with the highs of running a successful business. Benny’s new partner warned him about trusting Warlock, but it looks like both guys are looking to utilize drug lords to assist in running their business. Not the smartest idea if you ask me.

Veronica and David were stunned to find Jeffrey behind bars for a DUI charge. This did not bode well for his mother who was not happy with his behavior and he decided to take jabs at his mother, which David didn’t seem too pleased to hear. Jeffrey made threats, as did Veronica. Jeffrey alluded to the fact that he is well aware that his mother was getting busy with Benny at the tow yard. Instead of Jeffrey blurting the truth, Veronica admitted the betrayal to David right in front of his face, looks like she called his bluff. She called Jeffrey out on his feelings for Wyatt and he taunted her back about her homophobic ways.

Jeffrey informed his dad that he was not aware of the guy in the picture, which prompted David to tease that he planned to sleep with Maggie and that he was ending his marriage. Wow, the Harrington clan is indeed fractured at this moment. Jim, David and Jeffrey put massive beatings on Veronica who shed a few tears before pushing Jim’s buttons by admitting that he drove Amanda to kill herself.

Jim unleashed wholly hell by confessing that she was responsible for Wyatt being raped in jail and Jim was stunned to learn Quincy was released at Veronica’s request as well. All of Veronica’s dirty dealings are coming to light. They should not count the Ice Queen out because when she gets knocked down she rises in ways that viewers never expected.

Candace received a visit from Benny and she was not in the nicest mood to say the least. He alerted her that their mother is not in the best mood and she is staying in a hotel with Quincy Jr. He asked his sister to confess to him how she got the money to purchase the homes and everything else she has. Benny unleashed a bit of rage and he burst into her home and found Quincy’s dead body. Don’t think he was expecting that to happen at all. Oh goody, the chaos continues to erupt. Can’t wait to see what other chaos emerges next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ on “The Haves and The Have Nots!”