HOLLYWOOD—Tensions reached a fever pitch in the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars.” Tuesday’s episode, ‘The Gloves Are On’ saw Mr. Fitz in a light that the liars never expected in a million years. Aria discovered from Ashley that Ezra has been acting out while she has been away. Ezra’s drinking has gotten so bad that the newly renovated Radley hotel is not willing to serve him alcohol.

Spencer had her political buttons pushed, just as Hanna discovered that their current predicament has placed her mother in a sticky situation. Hmm, looks like the liars are still digging their own grave with their actions. Mrs. Fields had a conversation with Emily about her charade about not going to school. Well, well, Lucas is back in the mix after missing in action for most of season six, as Hanna requested his help.

Hanna questioned her pal on if he was back in Rosewood the night “A” was murdered. She was looking for an alibi, and he was willing to stand by her side. Could a love triangle be brewing with Lucas, Hanna and Jordan? Aria shared secrets with Emily about Ezra’s unfinished novel. Emily was unnerved by constant sightings of Sara Harvey who seemed to suffer a setback courtesy of Emily and the liars, and was looking to make them feel guilty.

Spencer and Hanna chatted about new predicaments in the dating world, which prompted Hanna to question Spencer about possible feelings of her former lover. Wow, I expected Hanna to be more taken aback by the development. Her BFF dating her first love, wow, that’s shocking. Aria encouraged Ezra to push himself to finish his book, and he raised eyebrows about his true personality.

Spencer traded jabs with Damian who alerted her that Mona is working for her mother’s opposition. Hanna snapped at Emily and Aria showing that she has not changed that much, just as Aria was forced to decide rather her heart lies with Ezra or Liam. Hanna spotted Emily giving herself a shot, which opened the door for the truth to be revealed about her past. She blew the funds that her dad left her and she has been taking injections to donate her eggs to earn cash.

Wow, so all this time, I thought Emily was on her death bed, but she is secretly helping to give a child to those in need. Hanna found herself questioned by Detective Lorenzo about her alibi. It became apparent that Lorenzo didn’t buy what Hanna was selling and decided to question Lucas and Hanna at the same time. Hmm, looks like Lorenzo knows how to catch a person in a lie.

Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) love life is heating up with Caleb.
Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) love life is heating up with Caleb.

Melissa Hastings is back in the mix, and confessed to Spencer that she blurted out a big mistake with the reporter to Hollis about something that left her frazzled in more ways than one. Emily gathered the courage to speak to Sara about returning to Rosewood, and I must say the acting from the actress portraying Sara is not the most convincing, so let’s hoping that stiffness fades off in coming episodes as the mystery unfolds.

Aria confronted Ezra about his involvement in Charlotte’s death, but was interrupted by Emily, Hanna and Spencer. Hanna confronted Ezra about what she thought he did, and the liars attacked him left and right about killing Charlotte. This caused Ezra to snap, and I mean really snap. He unleashed a bit of anger that frazzled all parties involved. Ok, so when Ezra is angry he is not the nicest guy in the world. If he didn’t kill “A,” I expect he knows the person who did.

Caleb and Spencer theorized about possible suspects involved in Charlotte’s death. She revealed that inside Radley that Sara got electrocuted and the liars decided to go after “A” instead of helping Sara. I can’t remember the last time I saw Spencer cry; perhaps it was when she discovered Toby was on the “A” team!

Pam informed her daughter to not keep secrets from her. Seems everyone thinks the liars had some sort of involvement in “A’s” demise. Lucas let his pal know that if she needs a place to crash that his abode is her abode. The final moments of the episode saw Spencer and Caleb get much closer by sharing some steamy kisses. Not sure how I feel about Caleb and Spencer as an item, I mean what would their name be ‘Caler’ or ‘Spenleb?’

After years of receiving no texts, the liars were stunned to receive a text from a new fiend noting that a new “A” game is on! The nefarious party signed the text with a Devil face. Looks like our villain likes to play with dolls, likes wearing Alison masks and is no longer a fan of the black hoodie or should I point out it looks like they were in the lair formerly owned by “A.”

It may have taken three episodes for things to heat up, but “Pretty Little Liars” is manifesting the pieces for a climatic season six. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!