HOLLYWOOD—There is no better twist on television than when a character learns something he or she never expected. Things got crazy on this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” with ‘The Black Dress,’ as Veronica was busy celebrating what she assumed was the demise of both David and Erica, but little did she know David was being rushed into the ER and is very much alive! Oh, Veronica, when you discover David is alive, it will be the face crack of the century, and the Ice Queen might reap what she sews.

Back at the Artesian Hotel, Gia continued to flirt with Benny, and after a few drinks, it looks like Candace is about to get her wish of keeping Benny distracted from Hanna. Gia was specifically told not to sleep with Benny, but Benny’s hormones got the best of him and Gia couldn’t resist. Candace learned from Veronica that her enemy may have done the unthinkable. She asked Veronica to attempt to have money returned to her account, but the Ice Queen gave her the cold shoulder because she got what she wanted. Candace wasn’t certain what transpired, but she attempted to get answers by calling Erica, but got no answer.

Back at the bar, Mitch was forced to defend Benny and deliver information that Uncle Vinny revealed the culprit was Wyatt Cryer. Ugh, this is about to get very messy, because Mitch wanted to warn Benny about impending danger, but he was too busy with Gia. Back at the police station, Justin found himself the laughing stock of the rest of his comrades about his video with Jeffery. Yeah, the pressure is absolutely getting to him. Justin had a conversation with Wyatt where he toyed with him about having cocaine, as part of the deal Wyatt was willing to cut off Jeffery.

Leslie continued to flirt with Jeffery where both gentlemen shared stories about what Justin did to them. Jeffery did not buy what Leslie was selling. Jeffery was stunned to see his mom show up wearing a black dress. Jeez, I totally forgot that Leslie KNOWS Veronica. This is quite awkward to say the least. Jeffery and Veronica traded spars, as the conversation came to fruition that Veronica alluded to dark stuff, but she refused to come clean, but wait. Veronica told Jeffery that Melissa committed suicide and that David was dead (but it raised suspicions for Jeffery who left in a panic).

Jim showed up at the police station requesting to see Wyatt, but found himself coming face-to-face with George, the District Attorney. George is no idiot and is well aware that Jim has ties to the Malone clan. Jim was stunned to learn that David was in the hospital because of a car explosion. It rattled Jim to say the least, but considering Wyatt’s predicament he had to stand his ground.

Benjamin found himself tempted by Veronica who wanted to have a conversation about Melissa, and Benny barked. Veronica made threats against Benny, and he made it crystal clear he was not entertained by her games. Wow, I honestly cannot believe that Candace is going through with this plan to threaten her mother to get her hands on that money, with Leslie in tow. Candace was livid to learn that Gia was not able to keep Benny occupied. Benny arrived home, but Candace did her best to distract her brother, and it unfortunately worked.

Hanna had a conversation with Derrick who was busy on a job. Katheryn had a chat with Hanna about Melissa’s predicament. Katheryn learned that Hanna has a mutual hatred for Veronica. The final moments of the episode were shocking as Hanna came face-to-face with an intruder. Next week looks crazy, as Justin admits to running Veronica off the road, David, Jeffery and Jim plan to get vengeance against Veronica and it looks like Hanna might be in serious trouble. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!