HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, Veronica Harrington, there is indeed a reason Katheryn Cryer called her one of the best attorneys in the country because she can get a client and herself out of ANY situation. This week on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Notes” saw the Ice Queen pull strings for Jeffrey and Candace in the latest episode titled, ‘Brilliant Lawyers Lurking.’

Things kicked off with the revelation that the authorities discovered Quincy’s body in the backyard. It led to an epic meeting between Jeffrey, Candace and Veronica who revealed her master plan. Veronica was still up to her tactics, by trying to get underneath the skin of David’s new love interest Erica with a bouquet of flowers. Candace and Veronica traded spars. Did this woman have a change of heart after Katheryn unleashed hell on her? Jeffrey sung like a canary to his mother, and it became apparent Veronica realized that Candace is no dummy when it comes to the legal field.

From a distance, Veronica spotted Erica pick-up those flowers, as did Candace. Damn Jeffrey, stop talking so much! Hmm, I think Veronica plans to use Candace’s secrets to her advantage to get leverage over Jim Cryer. The level of insults this woman traded was beyond disturbing. Candace dropped a bomb when it was realized her house was foreclosed on because of forged documents. When Candace learned that Lloyd worked for Jim she was livid. Wow, this is epic legal stuff; the foreclosed property means the warrant served is not valid. I have to give it to Veronica; the woman while calculating is smart as hell!

Back at the Cryer mansion, Jim realized that Katheryn murdered Jennifer and that Veronica is smarter than expected. Jim put his wife under a grilling to teach her how quickly the tables could be turned on her if she is placed on the stand. Husband and wife squabbled over past transgressions. Katheryn can be cruel when she is betrayed, but I can’t blame the woman, just as Jim planned to clean up the mess his wife created. Wyatt received a visit from a pal he called to get his hands on more drugs. Jeez, this guy nearly died and he’s looking to do drugs yet again. Wow, a drug dealer with a conscious that is a first.

Back at the motel, Benny showed that he was in no good mood, as Hanna did her best to reason with her son. Mitch made an urgent call to Benny alerting him that Warlock got out of prison and is on the hunt for Candace. When Hanna learned that War is after Candace and threatened to kill her daughter. Man I love the brotherly and sisterly bond between Benny and Candace. They may go to battle, but when family is in trouble they look out for one another.

Wyatt indeed found himself in the wrong place, in the neighborhood that is familiar to Quita and her pals. These three just messed with the wrong person, little do they know that Wyatt is a Cryer and Jim and Katheryn are not people to mess around with. Oh, Quita your brother just met his maker and it looks like you’re about to meet your maker in due time as well, stupid is, as stupid does. David worked his magic to rid the place of Jennifer and any signs of her whereabouts, at the expense of Mama Rose. Yeah, I can see that woman coming after the HAVES in due time.

Jim confessed to David that Katheryn murdered Jennifer not Veronica. It’s apparent the Ice Queen suffers from mental illness. David made it clear he has shut the door on his wife once and for all. Too bad David found himself back in the clutches of his wife’s games when he learned that Veronica sent Erica flowers. And let the good times roll, as Veronica met her latest enemy she plans to take down. It looks like the woman whose orbit was on a collision course is back in the driver seat. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “The Haves and the Have Nots” die-hards!