SAN FRANCISCO—Android users can try out Google Maps’ new prototype parking feature, which enables users to locate available parking spots through their application by watching for a “P” symbol on the map.

According to Google, the feature uses “historical parking data”  to calculate the levels of difficulty in finding a parking spot in the area. The locations will display on the Google Map’s screen as “Limited,” “Medium” or “Easy” depending on local traffic.

Here is an example on how the feature works.
Here is an example on how the feature works.

The Medium and Easy “P” symbols will appear as blue, while the limited parking symbol shows red.

The feature is only displayed when the user is traveling to public spaces such as restaurants, airports, theaters and malls.

The feature is not yet complete and is still in its beta version, Google said.

Google plans to launch the new feature to 25 U.S. metropolitan areas.