HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on a climatic note with Jeffrey and Landon walking in on a naked Justin in Jeffrey’s bed. This week’s episode, ‘A Broken Mirror’ certainly amplified the level of drama. Justin was taken aback by Landon’s arrival and his pal’s drunken antics caused Justin’s blood to boil. Landon started to come onto Justin who reacted by grabbing Landon by the throat which cued his exit. Jeffrey lashed out at Justin, and the two bickered about the status of their relationship; it’s apparent that Justin is obsessive. He admitted his love for Jeffrey, which threw Jeffrey for a loop.

Justin begged Jeffrey to give him a chance, but when Jeffrey called his bluff on his past, Justin nearly got violent as he grappled with his emotions. Jeffrey is indeed playing hard to get, and Justin is doing everything to push Jeffrey further and further away. Things got interesting when Veronica entered the room recording Justin and Jeffrey on her cell phone. It led to Justin cowering with a sheet to cover his identity before snapping and tossing a chair at a mirror.

Oscar informed Jim he was able to retrieve a phone number for Warlock, just as Erica decided to call her secret lover to inform him of Candace’s whereabouts. His conversation with Erica was interrupted by Jim, who informed his ally that his life is in serious danger. Jim did his best to keep Warlock on the phone so that Oscar could pinpoint his location, but had no success. Jim’s day got even worse, when he discovered on the news that Jennifer Sallison’s body has been discovered and a message was pinpointed with his last name as a potential suspect in her demise.

Jeffrey decided to stop by Wyatt’s apartment to check in on his recovery. Hmm, exactly what did Oscar offer Anna that poked her interest? I’m seriously hoping he was not planning to utilize Anna in the scheme that Candace screwed him over on. Wyatt asked Anna about that phone call with Oscar, but she refused to talk. I’m telling you, the chemistry between these two is heating up. Erica played coy about her secret conversation when David inquired. David learned courtesy of Jim that Mama Rose has complicated their situation with DA Sallison.

Mitch was informed that Veronica is indeed Benny’s lawyer. Hanna patiently waited to receive an update on Benny’s situation. Katheryn also arrived at the police station and when she and Hanna learned that Veronica is Benny’s lawyer, all hell broke loose. Veronica traded spars with Katheryn, just as news about Mitch’s last name struck a nerve with both Veronica and Katheryn. Even Hanna suspected Veronica as being culpable in Benny’s predicament and the Ice Queen tempted Hanna in a situation that could have gotten explosive. Man the spars between Veronica, Hanna and Katheryn were some of the best lines that I’ve heard in weeks.

Benny received another visit from the Secret Service who requested his DNA to exclude him from a terrorist investigation. Now things get interesting, it seems Benny learned that Mitch’s family is being investigated for organized crime tactics. David was frazzled with the news regarding Mama Rose’s latest transgression. Jim reminded his pal of Mama Rose’s vindictive past, and it was apparent that blood was about to be spilled.

Candace started to realize that Charles is bad news, and it was clear the vixen was no longer in control of the situation. He alluded to wiping her past clean, but it would come at a cost, her brother would take the fall for her crimes. I was right people, I knew Charles was the reason Benny was being detained. Candace was thrown by the revelation, but I know she would NEVER turn her back on Benny, so Charles better be prepared for her wrath.

Hmm, next week looks epic people. We have Hanna and Benny starting to suspect Candace, Katheryn comes onto Mitch, Justin and Veronica got toe-to-toe, Jennifer’s demise comes front-and-center and at long last, Candace learns about Quincy Jr! Things are about to explode people! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’