HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on a climatic note with Officer Justin pulling a gun on David Harrington. This week’s episode, ‘Dessert’ saw David and Justin go to battle in their effort to protect Jeffery. Yeah, let’s be honest Jeffery seems to be all over the place, and as much as he KNOWS Justin is dangerous he can’t resist him. Justin was ready to make a bold move, one that would ignite a bigger fire between him and Mr. Harrington and this episode delivered plenty of fire for the audience.

David did not seem the least bit scared, and both issued threats. Justin listened from the bathroom, just as David spotted Justin’s artwork and was well aware his son was hiding out in the apartment. Jeffery ran out of the bathroom giving David the upper hand to disarm Justin before punching him in the face. David attempted to talk some sense into Jeffery, but the young one refused to listen to dear ole dad who knows best. I knew David’s decision to reunite with Veronica would be the catalyst to drive Jeffery right into Justin’s arms. This is indeed getting good people real good to say the least. Could the fact that David screamed the truth to Justin cause him to realize that there is indeed something wrong with him? Benny learned about Candace’s trip to the White House with Charles by her side, which prompted Benny to update Hanna on the situation.

Mitch clued Benny on the fact that he still owes the family that interest and he better find a way to get it. Mitch seems to becoming more of a Malone as each day passes. The Malone family is not one to mess around with, and Benny is learning a hard lesson; not to play around with dirty money because it can come back to haunt him.

Benny wanted Mitch to borrow money from his family to help him out, but Mitch while loyal to family refused to get entangled into the dirty money. Hanna overheard the conversation and realized that if Benny doesn’t repay that money bad things will happen. Jeez Hanna, just let Benny take the interest and scare this debt away once and for all. Mitch threw out another genius idea to ask Candace for money courtesy of Charles. Not a bad idea and we know Candace will do anything for her little brother. There are plenty of options Benny, just think!

Jim and Katheryn continued to bicker about their predicament and Wyatt. Broderick was doing his best to avoid Katheryn who was not happy to say the least. Broderick seems to think he knows what game he is playing, but little does he know the Cryer family is out of his league. Candace and Charles returned to their hotel suite to discuss her newfound glory in the spotlight. She alerted her new flame of what the outgoing POTUS said about her and Charles was livid to say the least. Charles wanted revenge, and it became clear that our new President has a dark edge that I’m dying to see.

Veronica was in no mood to mess around with her boy toy and wanted her jewelry back, who considered seducing Jeffery as a way to repay his debt. Back at the Artesian Hotel, Katheryn unleashed her rage on Broderick, who did not seem threatened by his boss’ antics. Whatever game Broderick is playing is surely working on Katheryn. He has gotten into her head and she is eating out of the palm of his hand.

The toxicity of this relationship between Justin and Jeffery is the worst I’ve ever seen on TV. Anytime someone has pictures of you plastered throughout their home, you have a stalker; someone who is crazed and dangerous to say the least. Justin is indeed spiraling; the only safe place in his life appears to be Jeffery, it explains the obsession much clearer America. Justin demanded to see Jeffery’s phone, but he refused, that was until Justin snatched the phone and realized it was Wyatt trying to reach his pal.

Justin taunted Wyatt, which caused Wyatt to get defensive, just as Justin realized that Madison knows where he lives. Wow, this guy is really bonkers. He pulled out two guns; one pointed at his head and the other pointed at Justin. He’s playing Russian roulette, and I fear if Jeffery doesn’t get out now, he never will. Things are intensifying on ‘Temptation Tuesday’ and I cannot wait for next week “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!