HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” was dramatic, but hold that thought. This week’s episode, ‘Errand Boy’ only added onto the level of secrets and deception that seems to be a focal point this season.  David rose a bit of hell, and finally got the opportunity to see Jeffrey. Justin seemed enthused about having power over Jeffrey, who realized this tryst is a dangerous game where he may not come out on top. This game of cat and mouse between the lovers is quite fun to say the least, but things got interesting when David walked in on Justin and Jeffery in an odd predicament. Hmm, Justin good luck digging yourself out of this one, cause David was out for blood, but Jeffrey wanted to protect his little secret.

Wow, David already pegged that Jeffrey is messing around with Officer Justin! David demanded the truth and Jeffrey started to spill the beans about Veronica blackmailing him and Justin. Jeffrey didn’t hold back in telling dear ole dad the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This should be interesting ammunition as he fights to get Jeffrey out of prison and nail his bitter ex for all her devious deeds. Back at the hospital, Benny paid Veronica a visit, who poured out her heart about love lost. Finally, someone calls out Veronica on her dirty tactics. OMG, are we about to see a rekindling of Benny and Veronica again, ugh!?

Um, Benny you might want to take Veronica up on her offer, you need a truck and that would be much better than you taking money from Mitch’s family that can put you in a dire situation. Veronica wanted Benny to stop by her abode to pick up a few items to keep her looking in tip top shape. Benny you have no idea how crazy Melissa is, and even Benny knows Jeffrey is gay. The fact that Veronica didn’t snap when Benny said her son was gay, speaks wonders. Even Mitch was smarter than Benny! Get Veronica to write you a check for saving her life. It was hilarious to see Benny get smitten over the fact that Mitch joked about him sleeping with Veronica.

Another interesting development was witnessing Landon continue to come onto Charles, without Charles even realizing that his protégé in the making has the hots for him. It’s like Landon is delivering all the clues to the guy, yet he hasn’t picked up on anything. I was waiting to see when Erica and Candace would come face-to-face again, just as Candy eavesdropped on her former BFF. Candace has a level of control over people that is uncanny and downright spooky. I mean Candace wanted $100k from Erica, and if she didn’t deliver I can only imagine what she will do. Looks like Candace’s interest in pimping has caught up with her, as the cops took her to jail for robbing that last client of hers. That’s karma for you people.

Katheryn paid Hanna a visit to pry into her personal life. Hanna put two and two together and realized her former boss was attempting to get her back out in the dating arena. Katheryn did have a point, having coffee with Derek would give Hanna a distraction from all the turmoil in her life. This has been a long time coming America, seeing Hanna out on a date, I can’t recall the last time we saw this: maybe season two I think. Sarah and Jim came face-to-face where he made demands, but Sarah did her best to resist. I’ve been wondering about this woman’s past, and we now know that these two used to sleep together.

Per usual Jim Cryer wielded his power requesting evidence about the DA’s case against him. He learned that Jeffrey and Wyatt are the biggest threats to his freedom. He requested a sworn statement to vanish, which Sarah was not happy about. Jim is indeed a dirty dog to say the least, and I suspect his days will soon be numbered “HAHN” fanatics. Mitch and Benny were surprised to come across Melissa who was flirting with both gentlemen. That was a very interesting scene to say the least people.

Things got more interested as Melissa decided to proposition Benny, who was uncomfortable to say the least. Benny did his best to resist temptation, but the more Melissa kissed him and delivered that lap dance he was unable to resist. Back in the political arena, Landon shared a bit of information with a colleague about Charles and his many needs. Landon was not pleased to learn that Candace was continuing to be a thorn in his side, and that colleague realized that Landon has the hots for Charles. I never expected the final moments of the episode to be a heated confrontation between Justin and Wyatt. Justin was out for blood, with a crowbar in hand. Both shouted, just as words turned into fists and tackling.

Next week, Candace and Quita go face-to-face, just as David makes threats to Justin and things are heating up between Mitch, Melissa, Veronica and Benny. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “HAHN” die-hards!