HOLLYWOOD—Well the time has arrived, the penultimate episode, before the mid-season finale for the sixth season of Tyler Perry’s hit, “The Haves and the Have Nots” has arrived. This week’s episode, ‘An Eye for An Eye’ saw the guns come out between the Cryer, the Harrington and Young clans as fingers were pointed in a number of directions.

David confronted Hanna, but the Christian lady did not back down. As soon as David pointed out that Benny was sleeping with Veronica, Hanna was not pleased. David be careful, cause Hanna is not a person to toss threats at. Really David, all this pleading with all the dirt you have done behind closed doors, be careful cause the skeletons in your closet are grand. Yeah, big gulp in David’s throat when he tried to bash Candace in front of Hanna, and when Veronica’s past came to the forefront, Mr. Harrington was speechless America.

The situation got tense when Benny arrived and puffed his chest as normal. When Benny started making veiled threats, David spilled tea about Mitch and his connections to the mob. The flirtation continues between Landon and Charles. Tyler please get to the point with this subplot because this slow burn is not as interesting as you think it is for the viewers. Charles had a mission to see Candace, which peeved Landon to say the least.

Hanna scolded Benny about his manhood and his decision to continue hooking up with Veronica. Benny spilled the truth about Mitch’s mob ties, and per usual Hanna realized Benny might be up to shady dealings and its causing her to become anxious. Mother and son went tic for tac, as Benny’s ire rose and Hanna’s concerns heightened. Candace was not pleased to see Landon at her hotel door with news that Charles wants to see her. She was adamant about not speaking to Charles, but Landon was weaving a tale that Candace has a power over man that is unexplainable. I really loved seeing Landon preach about Candace’s motives and he spoke a bit of truth that she didn’t like, but it was poignant. Yes, Candace, Charles is your way of getting out of the shady business that you are currently in.

The Ice Queen was not happy to see all of her alcohol gone and that Melissa was the culprit. Melissa joked, but Veronica was not messing around, and she forced Melissa to throw up. Veronica and Melissa traded spars, and Veronica got physical to prove her point. This was an amazing scene to watch, which culminated with Veronica have to grapple with what everyone is saying: Jeffery is gay!

Jim’s sex session was interrupted by Katheryn, who tossed her weight per usual. She brought to his attention a major problem involving the district attorney, and Jim didn’t seem giddy to help his wife. It was apparent that Jim does have power over Katheryn when it comes to getting what he wants. Candace was coercive with her employee, and when she discovered that she slept with Jim Cryer she was not pleased. The level of power that Candace has over people is uncanny.

Katheryn barked orders, just as Jim’s sex kitten returned to claim her money. Well, well Candace trained her well because Jim delivered the goods. Jim and Katheryn decided to visit Wyatt in an attempt to get him to back off testifying. David and Wyatt ran into each other at the police station, where Jeffery’s pal learned he’s in big trouble. Jeffery was ecstatic to see Wyatt, as it became apparent that Wyatt started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Wyatt was fishing for details, but Jeffery was coy about not spilling too much. Looks like the kids are about to go after their parents to ensure they pay for their crimes. It looks like Jeffery was about to fracture, but when Justin spotted Wyatt and Jeffery hugging, the rage built in the eyes. Next week looks bonkers because Melissa plays dirty, Veronica and Candace align to take down David and Jim and Katheryn make a move that will further fracture their relationship with Wyatt forever. The season finale of “The Haves and the Have Nots” is coming; the question is rather the audience is ready. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday!’