HOLLYWOOD—I have been eagerly awaiting the return of Tyler Perry’s guiltiest pleasure “The Haves and Have Nots” since that explosive mid-season finale that ended in gunfire, an attempted suicide and a child’s life hanging in the balance. The mid-season premiere episode, ‘The Fallout From War’ delivered stunning moments where the Young clan united in the midst of unspeakable tragedy, with Hanna and Benny in utter shock as they held onto the body of Lil Q, who was fatally shot in the head. That was a heart-wrenching; I mean a heart-wrenching moment to watch people.

Jeffrey contacted 911 to get assistance for Melissa who attempted to kill herself, as he went into panic mode, to stop the bleeding. She begged Jeffrey to seek an escape route from Veronica while he still can. He rushed to Veronica’s room and revealed that Melissa tried to kill herself, and the Ice Queen provided no remorse whatsoever, and Jeffrey lashed out and cursed at his mother, and revealed that Melissa’s father died. Damn, this woman is a cold-hearted b**ch! Good thing Jeffrey constantly called out his mother while talking to the authorities, if that woman does not get the comeuppance that audiences have desperately waited for, ugh, I don’t know what I’ll do!

Candace paid a visit to Erica, not aware that her BFF is secretly working to take her down. Erica tried to pry into what Candace might be up to, but our vixen was coy about her secret hookup with Charles. It was apparent that Candace picked up that Erica was up to now good. Candace you should have answered that call from Benny, it’s about your son being shot! Erica learned from her secret lover Warlock fatally shot Candace’s son. Yeah, it was evident that Erica knew her time would be ending soon, once the truth is revealed.

David and Oscar had a chat about their current predicaments. David revealed that he took things to the next level with Erica, but Oscar delivered some perspective that he could be getting played. Wow, Oscar is speaking plenty of truth people! The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of good ole Jim Cryer, and they were stunned to see Candace, who is up to her old tricks per usual. Jim started to spill plenty of tea about Quincy’s death, but she dropped a bomb when she revealed that Jeffrey was involved in the crime. Whopper, David was dumbfounded when he learned his son might be culpable in murder, and frantically called Jeffrey to get an update.

Jim tried to wiggle his way back into Candace’s good graces, but she was not interested in the least bit, because she was fully aware of his intentions. Benny and Hanna patiently waited at the hospital, with looks of defeat riddled across their face. Benny made a call to Katheryn to alert her of the situation involving Quincy Jr. being killed by gunfire. Wyatt was taken to the hospital for further treatment. Hanna spoke a hard truth about how bad deeds have a way of continuing to create more chaos. I’m starting to fear that Hanna has lost all hope; this woman is quite broken, shattered to be honest. Mitch was a comfort to Benny in his time of need, but he flipped out when his brother and Mama Rose wanted vengeance. Benny spilled the tea to Mama Rose who was out for blood, and it looks like Jim, Veronica, Katheryn and David are about to be caught up in a crazy mess.

Veronica and Jeffrey arrived at the hospital, where the Ice Queen made threats per usual to navigate her prowess, oh, this is going to be interesting with Katheryn and Hanna dealing with family matters. I’m loving see Jeffrey call his mother out on her devilish ways. Jeffrey got a call from David, and he alerted his dad that Melissa tried to kill herself, and he was on his way to chat. It was another showdown, as Katheryn came face-to-face with her newest frenemy Veronica Harrington! Man, the rest of season 5 looks can’t miss! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “HAHN” die-hards!