HOLLYWOOD—You know you’re watching good TV when you don’t even know the season finale is sneaking up on you until, its announced during the preview of the upcoming episode. The penultimate episode for season seven (I still think we’re beyond season seven if I’m being honest America) of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” transpired this week and oh was it a doozy.

‘Father’s Day’ saw Veronica’s wicked side emerge yet again as she was ready to fire shots at Colby and his pals who were trespassing on her property. With gun in hand, she was ready to fire, but thankfully, Laura’s hubby was able to schmooze Veronica right into a passionate kiss. Colby continued to taunt Veronica who got enraged and started firing shots into the pool, as Laura’s hubby kissed the Ice Queen. Whoa, is she falling into his trap America?

Really, what the hell is Alyssa doing back at David’s place? Look it is one thing to introduce a new character, it’s another to introduce a character who is just annoying, irrelevant and damn desperate. Oh, so now we have the connection between this woman and Mr. Harrington. David presided over her case where she was sexually abused by her father. The desperation that Alyssa is delivering to David is beyond anything ever witnessed on TV people.

The flirting continues between Al and Hanna, but it makes me wonder if this guy has an angle that the audience has no idea about. Time will tell. So Colby is an escort, this character just gets more interesting by the minute. I suspect the person on the other end is someone familiar to the viewer. Veronica hired a mercenary formerly employed by Katheryn Cryer. Wow, the dialogue that Veronica is delivering is top-notch.  The Ice Queen knows she is in danger and I must admit it is indeed fun seeing her skin crawl for once. When you play with fire, at some point you are expected to get burnt.

Jim and David continued to track Wyatt’s vehicle, which pinpointed Wyatt as being near the police station. Laura and Samuel are now being investigated by Veronica who suspects that she might be getting conned. Damn this woman is on her A-game people. David arrived at the police station looking to speak to Carmen Davis. He wanted Intel on Wyatt, but she refused to budge. Hmm, looks like David stepped out on his marriage more than once people, especially with Carmen who gave him the cold shoulder.

Is Veronica playing dumb or just charmed by this guy’s looks? I want to say no, but at the same time it feels like she might be. Oh, this is interesting; the guy that Colby was chatting with was Colby. Looks like Justin was over Jeffery and removed all those images from his wall to prevent anyone from seeing them. Oh, and Justin goes by the name Sam as an alias. Justin wanted a bit of small talk with Colby, who was not interested in sharing about his past.

However, things turned dark when Tanner showed up unexpectedly. Tanner started to question Colby and it led to a major fight, where Colby kicked ass; damn that was fun to watch, as it was apparent he showcased his former marine skills and put Tanner in his place. Colby is NOT one to mess around with people!

Veronica is the power player this week, as she started to work on getting Celine funds from Jim Cryer for not paying child support. Looks like the Ice Queen is about to get everything she wants and Jim Cryer will be furious if he gets placed in cuffs. Something tells me her downfall is coming and I cannot wait to see it.

The final moments of the episode, witness Vinny carrying out Mama Rose’s vendetta against Katheryn Cryer by torturing Wyatt. Since Wyatt wanted to kill himself, Vinny was going to re-enact what the spoiled rich kid attempted to do behind bars. Vinny cut both wrists and planned to leave Wyatt to die, just like he did him. Next week’s season finale looks beyond exhilarating. For the first time we received teases, where nothing is known as to what will culminate, but it looks to be game-changing to say the least. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!