HOLLYWOOD─I thought the season 7 premiere (even though my gut tells me we’re actually on season 8 if I’m not mistaken) was one of the best I’ve seen in a while for Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” It set the groundwork for where the rest of the season will be heading. This week’s episode, ‘Fleeting Moments’ saw our core characters reacting to the news about the shooting at the Cryer residence. Benny and Hanna were stunned with the news, but Benny was more focused on keeping that $8 million.

When Hanna heard about the shooting, she immediately fled to the scene of the crime. The fact that Benny is predicting that Jim is dead is pointing towards the direction that Kathryn might be the person who meets the Grim Reaper. David and Jeffery talked to the police about the shooting; David didn’t want to throw his ex under the bus, but Jeffery had no problem singing to the canaries. I loved every single moment of it. Like I said, it looks like David is planning the ultimate takedown of the Ice Queen that I think fans of the series have been angling for.

More chaos erupted as Jeffery and David learned about the Cryer home. Jeffery knew about Wyatt’s potential threat, and if only he had said something it would have changed things. So much for the mystery, that damn TV spot revealed that Kathryn survived Wyatt’s shooting. Surprised we’re getting tons of narrative involving the Young family lately and rightfully so. Mitch has been waiting to talk to Candace for a long time, and finally got that opportunity, perhaps his grandmother helping take out that threat of hers was a big move in their right direction. This feels like a potential romance in the works, interesting, and it would be fun to see how things unfold.

Candace spoke to Derek, her father, and he was taken aback when he learned that he has a daughter. The tension between father and daughter is fiery. Broderick received a visit from Rocky who was impressed with his pal’s new digs. Why in the world does Rocky think Candace got her comeuppance? He’ll be surprised when he comes face-to-face with her. Madison found himself as the new obsession of Justin much to his chagrin. Justin was ready to bounce from the hospital, even though Madison warned him otherwise. It looks like we have another romance brewing America, just as sparks continued to fly between Landon and Oliver about Charles.

Celine decided to take Veronica up on her offer, just as the villainess received a visit from a gang of thugs ready to make the Ice Queen pay for her sins. She didn’t seem the least bit fazed by the unwanted company. This woman is cold-blooded. Landon attempted to converse with Candace about Charles and how he could spin the story in his former pal’s favor. Landon was on the prowl, but not having much luck, however, he stumbled upon Scott kissing face with a woman who is not his wife.

Now this is the turn of events that I have been looking forward to, because Landon has some leverage that he can use to his advantage to assist Charles. Landon is perceptive; he knows Scott might be tied to Charles and this gives him the ammo he needs to get back in with Charles and his position as Chief of Staff. Hanna burst into the crime scene hoping to get any information regarding Katheryn and the rest of the family. She learned from Wyatt that he shot his parents, as the kid continued to spiral. Hanna saw Jim on a gurney with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

What a relief, Katheryn Cryer is alive. I was certain this woman might have met her maker. However, Katheryn seemed perfectly fine. She faked her death, to make Wyatt think she was dead. George posed questions to Hanna about Benny and a potential threat against him courtesy of Jim or that someone was trying to set Benny up to take the fall for the shooting.

George placed Katheryn under arrest for the murder of Jennifer Sallison, which stunned Hanna. Well, it’s a long time coming. Next week looks more twisted as secrets about that note is revealed, Veronica makes threats, and Landon pulls the strings on Scott. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!