HOLLYWOOD—Things left on a frenetic note last week on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” with Wyatt and Justin getting into a scuffle. This week’s episode, ‘Hanna’s Tea’ saw Justin and Wyatt continue their battle for Jeffrey, but things were interrupted by Jim Cryer. Jim made threats per usual, and Justin stood his ground. That was fun, seeing someone stand up to Jim and not quiver because he tossed his name around as if he has some level of power. Wyatt was not pleased to see his father insert himself into his personal life, yeah the notion of these two rekindling their relationship will never happen.

Jim when are you going to learn: threatening Wyatt is the worst thing you can do because it makes him only more vindictive. Wow, Jim Cryer can be a piece of work, but little does he know Wyatt has already spoken to George. Veronica was ecstatic to learn that she was being discharged from the hospital. It was time for Veronica to start singing like a canary about the driver (um Justin), who tried to run her off the road. Interesting, why in the world would she protect Justin? My gut tells me she wants to seek her own justice, but that might not be so wise.

Veronica was snippy when David called her out on getting their son arrested, so much to the point he snapped on Erica under the impression that she was Veronica. Erica was taken aback by the harsh language being used, and did her best to woo herself back into David’s orbit. Now this is interesting. David decided to have a conversation with Justin about his relationship with Jeffrey. Gotta say it looks like Justin is making quite a few enemies. David started to question Justin about his sexuality and making advances towards Jeffrey. David you’re wrong, Justin didn’t put those keys at the crime scene; your son actually killed Quincy.

Oh, things are heating up by the minutes, cause both David, Justin and Jeffrey were surprised to see Candace being led to a prison cell. Jeffrey was on the verge of a mental break, as Candace did her best to convince her pal to not spill the beans. What, is Jeffrey actually making threats against Candace? Mitch saw a lot more than he expected when he burst into that room and saw Benny and Melissa getting hot and heavy. This is not going to be good, because Veronica unexpectedly arrived home, and Mitch did his best to prevent absolute chaos from erupting. Melissa is nuts, this girl jumps from having sex with Benny to attempting to hook-up with Mitch.

Veronica and Melissa were back to square one, bickering per usual, as Melissa attempted to raise a few red flags. Melissa started to put the puzzle pieces together, realizing that Benny and Veronica slept together. Melissa than decided to come onto Mitch, who while tempted was able to resist. Veronica put the moves on Benny as they shared a few kisses, oh Benny you’re getting intertwined in a love triangle that can be downright messy and dangerous.

Hanna stopped by Katheryn’s new abode to assist the new maid on learning how to do things the way Mrs. Cryer likes them. Not a surprise, Derek is at Hanna’s new place. Hanna and Derek, these two are dancing around a potential romance, but it looks like a cup of tea might do the trick to initiate a bond between these two. Hanna learned that Derek is a widower and when she realized that he was a deacon that immediately peaked her interest. We all know Hanna loves the lord and religion is something that pinpoints her behavior.

Things got juicy in the jail cell as Candace came face-to-face with Quita who taunted Candace about killing her brother, and Candace threw some spars that were hilarious which left me in stitches. Quita, Quita, Candace has more ways out than you can imagine and defending your abusive brother who beat women and his own child, yeah, let’s give that guy the father of the year prize. Quita continued to taunt Candace and when she brought up Quincy Jr., Candace exploded and viciously attacked her enemy pounding her to the ground. It was a beat down worth watching.

Man I cannot WAIT till next week because David catches Veronica and Benny in the act, Jim gets closer to regaining Wyatt’s inheritance and the DA gets closer and closer to building their case against Candace, Jeffrey, Jim, Katheryn, David and Veronica. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!