HOLLYWOOD—I did endure a bit of withdrawal last week with no new episode of Tyler Perry’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots,’ but thankfully the hit series has returned. This week’s episode, ‘Mad Day’ proved more than ever that Veronica Harrington aka The Ice Queen still holds a torch for her hubby David. Benny found himself being dragged out of the hospital by the police hoping to nab a suspect responsible for Quincy’s murder. Who cares about this guy people? He was vile, evil and deserved everything he got.

The situation was intensified when Veronica intervened and proved her prowess by representing Benny, as Mitch did his best to mediate. However, she was distracted when she spotted David enter the hospital. This is odd, Veronica hasn’t been nice to her hubby lately, is it because he’s canoodling with someone else, oh yes, jealously has taken over the Ice Queen! The tension between Veronica and David was so thick you could cut it with a knife people. He wanted details on Jeffrey; she wanted details on his relationship with Erica. Wow, Veronica is up to her tactics yet again, looking to blackmail her husband over his dirty little secrets.

The conversation was further complicated by the arrival of Jim Cryer who taunted his nemesis, but she clapped back with news that Jim might want to check-in on Wyatt who is in the hospital. Jeffrey paid Melissa a visit, but she was livid with his presence and screamed for him to leave her hospital room. He tried to reason with his fiancé, but she was not having one bit of it. Her rage exploded, comparing Jeffrey to Veronica before he was forced to exit the room.

Hanna found herself at Katheryn’s new rental, where her pal attempted to help Hanna cope with the grief. Katheryn revealed that she was divorcing Jim, and when talked turned to Hanna cleaning herself up, she broke down in tears after looking at her bloody hands. Jeffrey stopped by Wyatt’s room to check in on his pal, who was really struggling to fight his drug habit, and ran into Officer Justin who spied on his secret lover from the hallway. Justin wanted to chat with Jeffrey, but even Wyatt realized that Justin’s actions were not normal. Wyatt begged, literally begged his friend not to leave him in his time of need.

Let the drama continue people. Oscar delivered Candace one hell of a surprise with $250,000 to show his appreciation for her involvement with Charles. This woman is indeed one bad MF, and the fact that Oscar is continuing to push this woman whose tactics are so wicked you never know what to expect. Oscar warned his former lover not to upset his bosses who will be out for blood. I am not certain what angle Candace or Oscar is planning. She staged one hell of a scene to get her hands on that money and to get Oscar to leave. However, she was delivered a surprise when she learned there wasn’t exactly $250k in that bag!

Man, Justin is whacko, waiting an hour for Jeffrey to exit Wyatt’s room? It’s apparent Jeffrey has this guy wrapped around his finger. Justin apologized for his actions and the two had a conversation in the hospital stairwell, but the two were not aware that Veronica was spying from a distance. You think you can be a bit jealous Justin, at least you can admit it! Gosh, this feels like a fatal attraction type relationship people. Well, it’s true, Justin is falling in love with Jeffrey, and when he started to spill the beans about Melissa and marriage, Justin was flabbergasted.

Before the two departed, they shared a kiss and Justin came face-to-face with the Ice Queen. Ok, let the blackmail games begin because next week looks bonkers. Jeffrey confessing to David about his involvement in Quincy’s murder, Candace learning that Charles might not be who she thinks, uh, ‘Temptation Tuesday’ cannot come fast enough “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!