HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” was full of utter madness, chaos to be exact. This week’s episode, ‘Morning’ saw the walls start to close in on the Cryer and Harrington clans. Candace seemed to have an epiphany after having a heart-to-heart with Charles; the walls are coming down, and I’m starting to suspect that maybe, just maybe Candace might realize she has to change her wicked ways. Ok, enough with the lovefest already, can we get to the drama.

Jeffery was still warming up to Justin, even though Madison warned him that the cop is dangerous. I don’t believe Jeffery is in love with Justin, but Justin has a hold on him. Jeffery seemed annoyed with Madison constantly eavesdropping on his conversations, which led to further friction, not to mention the fact that David wanted to know what his son was hiding. David’s intuition was strong, which prompted Jeffery to question his father about reconciling his relationship with Veronica aka the Ice Queen. As I noted last week, David’s plan to hoodwink Veronica is backfiring on him.

George presented his case to the grand jury with Sarah testifying about stealing evidence for Jim Cryer. Wyatt later took the stand to deliver the nail in the coffin to his parents for screwing him over as he calls it. For once, Wyatt owned up to his sins from the past, where all this chaos first started; him driving drunk, hitting Benny and killing that little girl. Wyatt spilled plenty of tea, but little did he know that Jim had a member of the grand jury on his side; he was recording the entire conversation.

Jim is petrified for once, and I loved every second of it. That turned into Jim contacting David to develop a plan to neutralize things. Fair warning Jim, the last time you attempted to handle your son, Veronica tortured him in prison. Katheryn was busy atoning for the sins of her husband Jim Cryer yet again to Hanna. I wish Katheryn would just sever ties with Jim already; he’s going to bring her down with him one way or another. We know Katheryn can be ruthless, look what she did to the district attorney, but I fear whatever this woman is capable of doing is far worse than anything Jim has ever done.

Katheryn proposed Hanna keeping the funds from Wyatt, and she wanted her pal to work for her at the Artesian Hotel. It was hilarious seeing Hanna laugh a bit about Katheryn ooze over Broderick. Hanna shared a bit about the status of her relationship with Derrick, and the name Veronica came up once again. Benny has really become an arrogant piece of work; the humbleness he once had is gone, big time. Derrick’s arrival only annoyed Benny that much more. When Derrick joked, Benny took offense, and a third wheel was bounced. Derrick has secrets, and I’m still waiting for them to be exposed.

Wyatt realized yet again, when his father issues a threat, he means it. How the hell he was accosted in front of a POLICE STATION and no one saw anything has my head spinning. Back at Katheryn’s abode, she came face-to-face with Veronica and she was not pleased to say the least. Oh, we’re getting more of Veronica’s past with Katheryn’s dad. We know from Katheryn that Veronica used to sleep with Katheryn’s dear ole father.

She’s squirming and I love it. As much as these people hate each other, they know how to bond when needed. Wyatt gloated about his latest stunt, just as Jim and David arrived to the party. Even Jim was stunned about Veronica and David getting back together. With his parents busy, Wyatt snuck into the basement where he searched for alcohol. What he found instead was a rifle and I seriously have no clue what this spiraling addict is about to do.

Next week is the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale. Based on the glimpse in the preview, Justin is definitely a threat to Jeffery; David, Veronica, Katheryn and Jim are about to be indicted and something epic will transpire between Hanna, Candace and Benny. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!