HOLLYWOOD─Last week, we learned to big shockers on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” First, Katheryn Cryer is very much alive, and two she was arrested for the murder of DA Jennifer Sallison. Katheryn raged about being arrested for a crime that she ACTUALLY committed. This week’s episode, ‘Pray to Me’ saw Katheryn placed into the police vehicle, as Wyatt bragged about his mother receiving her comeuppance. Did we ever think we’d see the day that Katheryn turned her back on Wyatt?

Wyatt clued Hanna that if he hadn’t shot Jim, Benny would have been kidnapped until those funds were returned to him. It was hilarious watching Wyatt joke about what he did; the character has never been this animated people. Hanna started to panic with the notion that her son was in danger yet again. Candace inquired about Jim’s condition, just as she assured her mother that Benny being with Mitch is the safest thing possible at the moment.

Charles continued to dance around rather to contact Candace or not, and made a call to ‘Gretchen.’ I wonder if this woman is a face from the past or just one of Charles’ many conquests. Looks like these two have a complicated past.

David and Jim learned about Wyatt shooting his parents, and that Katheryn was arrested for murdering Jennifer. Jeffery was baffled by his pal’s lack of remorse, as she shouted it to the world. Hanna questioned David on who Jim might utilize to kidnap Benny, and David seemed aloof to the notion. Veronica gave Derrick a call warning him that she needed to chat with him. The audience knows these two have a past, but now we’re finally getting into the thick of things.

Landon was still working multiple angles to get back into good graces with Charles to get his position back and it looks like he might have pulled some major strings. Landon had a conversation with Scott hoping to pull more information from him about the Attorney General. Scott feigned ignorance, which annoyed Landon. Landon got the scoop, and knowing Landon that information will be used to his advantage. This is politics people, so the more you know the better.

So this is what Benny and Mitch had planned? A trip to the strip club. Benny went to retrieve his phone, just as Mitch realized a few bouncers were eyeing Benny a bit too much. It’s easy to say that Mitch is very perceptive to his surroundings. Looks like Candace is very much on Charles’ mind because he called Gretchen ‘Candace’ several times during lovemaking. Benny got a bit too close with a stripper who spiked his drink. Celine went into a panic when she discovered that Jim was shot.

Candace showed up to the strip club searching for Mitch and Benny, just as Oliver alerted Landon that there were shootings at the Harrington and Cryer residences. It immediately forced Landon to give Jeffery a call to see how he was doing. Could we see Jeffery and Landon reunite as a couple, now that Justin is out of the picture? Derrick arrived at the Ice Queen’s palace where the audience learned that his pal Real gave her up for planting that bomb at David’s home.

Derrick didn’t want to play ball, and he called her a ‘whore,’ so we’re learning a lot about Veronica’s past, as she issued threats. Mitch learned that Benny’s stripper pal is up to no good, as he came searching for Benny who was MIA. Next week’s episode looks good, as we see Candace return to her roots, Jim is on the verge of death, Katheryn and Wyatt go to war, and Benny finds himself a captor after having too much of a good time. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!