HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Tyler Perry’s hit “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on a climatic note, but things have intensified. This week’s episode, ‘Praying for the Light’ saw Hanna got to extreme lengths to rescue her children, Candace and Benny from a former pal turned enemy named Warlock. The episode kicked off with Jim and Katheryn receiving a visit from George with a few questions that started to unnerve Katheryn, whose mean streak continued.

Well, well, I never expected those photos that Candace took nearly 2 seasons ago to come back and to haunt him in ways that he never expected. His wife was none too pleased to see these photos to say the least. It became evident that Katheryn was spilling all the tea, without any reservations, and George raised questions regarding Candace’s whereabouts. Jim’s interest rose when he learned he could probably nail Candace, but the fact that he foreclosed on the home screwed his chances.

Wow, even the DA is willing to blackmail to get what they can, but Jim be careful, Veronica has plenty of ammunition against you that could be detrimental to your level of power. Back at the motel, the Young clan continued to battle against one another. Hanna attempted to convince Benny and Candace to turn themselves into the authorities.

For once, Benny was beginning to side with his mother, but refused to put his sister in harm’s way. The banter between mother and daughter was hilarious, and when Candace asked about the identity of her father, it got underneath Hanna’s skin. Benny raised eyebrows when his mother left the motel room, but she wasn’t going to the authorities.

Candace interrupted a dinner date between Erica and David, as Candace made plans with her pal to gather up some items considering she is on ‘house arrest.’ Back at the Artesian Hotel, it looks like Jeffrey and Justin are getting cozier by the moment. Looks like Justin is falling quickly for Jeffrey, who seemed to be fuming mad. Justin delivered a heartfelt apology, but it was apparent Jeffrey was worried sick about going to jail. The two bickered, but things quickly shifted, when Jeffrey realized that Wyatt was in danger.

Back at Warlock’s abode, Hanna stopped by to reason with the man who is after her daughter. Considering the bond these two share, I would hope she could get through to this guy, especially since she took care of him when he was a child. Hanna wanted answers and she certainly got them, when it was revealed the con that Hanna pulled on him. Seeing this woman invade this guy’s place, without the smallest level of fear was EPIC!

Wow, if I could take Hanna and have her talk to the entire African-American community about the black-on-black crime, maybe we could echo a bit of change. Hanna acknowledged the love of our daughter, which was genuine as hell; riveting moment of television HAHN fans. Hmm, I got the impression that Hanna was willing to murder to protect her daughter, and she may have just led the enemy to her daughter.

The Ice Queen finally returned home still in full form. Melissa sat on the couch a bit annoyed with the circumstances regarding Jeffrey and his sexuality. If Melissa is sick of Jeffrey and Veronica than it looks like Veronica’s gig might be up. This woman is cold; I mean she’s willing to allow a man to die to get what she wants. Wow, Veronica planted a camera in those flowers she delivered to Erica, too bad David was onto her game before it could be implemented.

Jeffrey and Justin arrived at Wyatt’s abode where Quita and her pal were arrested. The situation was only made worse when Justin spotted Quita, and then the truth about Wyatt’s drug habit came front-and-center. Jeffrey looked concerned about Wyatt’s condition, as it became apparent that he is a fiend and Justin’s jealous side emerged. Yep, Justin came face-to-face with the guy who has his new lover’s heart. Looks like Justin is looking for a bit of vengeance. Justin and Jeffrey got into a scuffle, where lovers turned into enemies and Jeffrey got a hold of Justin’s gun, just as his partner arrived. Man oh man, next week Veronica comes face-to-face with the guy who has grabbed hold of her son’s heart. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!