HOLLYWOOD—Wyatt, Wyatt, you just seem to always put yourself in situations where its life or death. The latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” proved that Wyatt has a lot of growing up still to do. This week’s episode, ‘The Rabbit and the Water Moccasin’ saw Wyatt in hot water when he released his drug dealer wanted his money and his ATM card wasn’t working.

Things were tense to say the least when Jim came face-to-face with Hanna; he seemed receptive to her presence even though Katheryn was not pleased to have Jim in her orbit. In a pickle, Wyatt made a phone call to his mother asking for money, but she was unaware that her son was in serious water. Sarah was not pleased with Jim requesting her ‘services’ yet again. Wyatt’s drug dealer was not messing around, so much to the point that he clocked him in the head with his gun.

Justin was a bit rattled to learn that his Police Captain and the rest of the police department are aware of his antics outside the uniform. He requested sound advice, and received a bit of advice that he wasn’t expecting; the truth may indeed set you free. That nosy neighbor of Candace decided to pay her son a visit to discuss that secret video. So it’s apparent this woman is racist and homophobic. We’re getting a bit of history behind Justin; this is something he has been struggling with all his life. Unhappy with her son’s actions, she removed him from her will and virtually cut him off for being gay.

Back at the Artisan Hotel, Candace was peeved to learn that her funds were not yet available because there was a federal hold placed on her money. Hmm, this looks like it has Charles’ name written all over it and I was CORRECT! When Candace dialed the number, she was stunned to hear Landon answer the phone. Melissa called out Benny on his passive aggressive behavior. Benny did indeed have a point about Melissa attempting to showcase her softer side. It is interesting watching Benny and Melissa flirt with each other. Mitch was in stitches learning about Benny’s predicament, just as Hanna had another run-in with Derrick. I’m seriously starting to think Derrick might be trouble and not in a good way for Hanna.

Justin revealed to Jeffery that was he free to go, so does that mean he signed that deal Veronica offered to him? Maybe, maybe not, because Jeffery was not pleased to learn that Justin got an apartment and it was for the both of them. Justin pleaded with Jeffery to visit him at his new place tonight before revealing that it was David that posted his son’s bail. Erica wasn’t expecting Jeffery, when she attempted to seduce David. Hmm, just had a thought, has Jeffery met Erica before? Cause if so, that could present a big problem for her, especially considering her ties to Candace.

Jeffery alerted David that Veronica wanted him to confess to Benny murdering Quincy to get his murder rap tossed. Wow, David was pushing Jeffery to consider his mother’s offer, but even he had a bit of a conscience. It seems both David and Jeffery are worried about the Ice Queen and they have reason to be. Yup, I was right; Erica is worried that Jeffery knows her. Too bad Candace wasn’t too worried about the situation; I mean her response was the laugh I needed for the night. Good luck on NOT meeting Jeffery, Erica, it will indeed happen and the fallout from that reveal will be tons of fun.

Speaking of the Ice Queen, Candace warned her foe that their plan could be in trouble because of Jeffery. This woman is cold as ice, as Veronica was in no mode to deal with shenanigans. Justin is indeed being put through the ringer this week. He was served divorce papers by his wife and didn’t hesitate to sign them. Seems like the Captain’s words speak echoes, because his wife, mother, family and daughter were taken from him. It led to him breaking down in tears. Whoa, I had no idea Justin had a daughter? Was that ever mentioned before?

Looks like Veronica has friends in very powerful places because she met with a judge hoping to have Melissa committed for the sake of her grandchild. There is one slight problem Veronica: Melissa might not be pregnant! However, if she goes down this route she is about to open a door that is going to have ripple effects. Man, I totally forget about Wyatt’s predicament. Jim and Katheryn were worried sick about their son, just as the audience learned Wyatt suffered a brutal beating, but that was before he stabbed his attacker in the throat killing him! I didn’t not expect that, nice twist!

Oh, next week’s episode looks twisted, as Veronica wrecks more havoc, Benny realizes Mitch’s family is not messing around, Candace and Charles go to war and Jeffery and Justin take their relationship in a new direction. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!