HOLLYWOOD—Last week Candace learned a valuable lesson on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots:” drugging someone can actually kill them. This week’s episode, ‘The Right Cocktail’ saw Candace in panic mode realizing that Oscar went into shock. That opened the door for Leslie, the guy who is working with Rocky and the secret lover of Officer Justin to step into action to help Candace. I can definitely say Leslie saved the day, not to mention he delivered a bit of sass to the vixen.

Oscar awoke a bit confused, but did his best to put the pieces of the puzzle together, just before Candace tossed him out of her room. That girl has no shame in her game at all and has her hand in one too many cookie jars. Why? Gia is working overtime to nail Jim Cryer courtesy of his number one fan. Leslie seems to be unnerving Candace to say the least. Something tells me he will be her downfall, and she made it clear that she doesn’t play games.

Not surprised to discover that Candace realized that Leslie was messing around with Officer Justin. Now, I wonder exactly what she plans to do with this Intel. Oscar went into overdrive realizing that his laptop was MIA. This twisted ring looks like it is about to get crazier, as Rocky and his secret ally were digging into Candace’s operations. Hmm, the Queen Bee will not be pleased to learn that people are poking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

Hanna provided a listening ear to Melissa who poured out her heart to her. Hanna shared a bit of wisdom about being pregnant with a child that she wasn’t sure she wanted. It was a nice moment to witness, as it showed that Melissa isn’t as bad as she appears. She just found herself in a difficult predicament. Back at David’s place, it was blissful as Erica did her best to cozy up with David before he headed off to get Jeffery bail. Katheryn was pleased to see Hanna back to work, as the two ladies discussed a bit about their personal lives. Surprise, surprise, Derrick was at Katheryn’s place and he planted a kiss on Hanna. I said it last week, Derrick was a bit forceful, and I suspect this guy might have a past. We’ll see where this goes.

The Ice Queen is back in action, as she made a call to Benny to prove that she will indeed get her revenge. This woman is nuts; she has an actual tracking device on Melissa. Benny toyed with Veronica who was scorned. They say a woman scorned is dangerous, but a Veronica scorned is deadly. Benny needs to be a bit more compassionate about people’s situation. I mean you can’t just sleep with someone and toss them to the trash like they don’t matter.

Wow, for the first time in a very long time, I feel like Benny needs to suffer a few consequences for his actions. It’s funny that this is perhaps one of the most action-packed episodes we’ve seen in years. Veronica returned to the jail to present Jeffery with an offer to get him out of jail. Not surprised, the Ice Queen said she was going to get back at Benny and here is the masterplan. Damn, Jeffery knows his mother like a book; she called his bluff and watching him laugh in her face was a moment to say the least. With the pressure on, Jeffery was about to sign the papers, but just hold off a little longer because David is coming to bail you out.

Back at the Artisan Hotel, Gia managed to handle Jim Cryer who was out cold. Candace slapped Gia when she realized that Gia was falling for Jim; she was livid to say the least. However, Candace’s mood completely changed when she got that text to her phone showing her scheme to steal that money back from the Cryer family came thru. Yeah, she was only working as a pimp to establish income, but now that she has it, it’s all kaput. There is just one slight problem: Wyatt has no idea ALL OF HIS MONEY IS GONE! Oscar was under the impression that the money was still there, but am I missing something?

Gia returned to Jim full of tears, but this is only about to make the situation worse as Wyatt’s predicament is about to shake the Cryer family again. Oscar alerted Jim that the funds were transferred, but it was obvious Jim had no intention of paying Oscar for his work. The final moments of the episode saw Wyatt hammered inside a bathroom stall. When the drug dealer demanded his money, Wyatt realized that something was wrong with his account. Yeah, something is definitely wrong; all your money has been stolen from your account!

We’ve been constantly teased of a body count this season, and with the tease for next week, I’m super concerned for Benny, but if there is anyone he has in his corner its Candace and Hanna. That concerns me greatly because Jeffery should be weary of betraying Candace cause we know that woman is a firecracker when it comes to her brother. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die hards!