HOLLYWOOD—Last week Justin took a beating courtesy of David and the goons he hired to beat him up on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Room Three’ saw David confess to Justin that he was responsible for the attack, which took Jeffery by surprise. As I pointed out, there would be consequences for this attack; rather its Jeffery or David is the question of the hour.

Jeffery unable to resist temptation reached out to check on Justin who was in serious pain. Justin begged Jeffery to come to his aide, just as the Jeffery informed him to contact the ambulance for help. Looks like Justin is playing mental games with Jeffery and it is indeed working. Back at the Artesian Hotel, Katheryn was having fun with Broderick and Rocky. Broderick alerted Candace that he had video of him in bed with Katheryn, as it became clear that this guy has no idea what type of enemy he is messing with.

Hanna chose to confront Candace about being at the Cryer estate. Looks like mother and daughter will never bond people. Neither wanted to share with the other why they wanted to see Jim Cryer, just as Hanna wanted answers about Candace’s grip on Charles. Hanna struck a chord with Candace when she showed her a picture of Quincy Jr. Hanna knows how to get to her daughter and its apparent Candace has weakness: her son.

Back at the police station, Wyatt was angling to get released, but George wanted him to inform a grand jury first what transpired with his parents. Wyatt wanted a fix, and refused to divulge details without getting what he wanted first. Jeffery concerned about Justin’s whereabouts decided to pay Justin a visit at the hospital. Well, Madison got the jump on things first, when he walked into Justin’s room. Yup, Justin realized that it was Madison who was responsible for him being attacked.

Madison was fuming to his colleague about Justin, just as Jeffery arrived. Madison was not too pleased to discover that Jeffery wanted to see Justin. Wow, didn’t expect Madison to sever ties with Jeffery over Justin, but that was quick. Jeffery pleaded for Justin to seek help, but Jeffery is falling for all of Justin’s antics. Mitch dropped the bomb to Benny that Candace has been messing around with President Elect Charles Fredericks.

Veronica arrived home and discovered she was being watched by the FBI, just as David decided to stop by to pay his ex-wife a visit. She traded spars per usual, just as David made it clear to the woman who once had his heart he wants take her to dinner. Whoa, David is planning to woo Veronica back to break her heart in a million pieces and I cannot wait to see it unfold. The Ice Queen is vulnerable as hell, and David’s confession rattled her to the core.

The final moments of the episode was a thrill-a-minute, as Jim finally came face-to-face with Hanna and Candace. Hanna warned Jim not to threaten her son again, as Candace intervened warning Jim she is not afraid to make a move. Mother and daughter were both aware what Jim did to Benny, just as he made threats against not just Benny, but Candace.

Jim laughed in Hanna’s face before he called her a b**ch multiple times, which prompted her to take her earrings off before slapping Jim to the floor. With that being said, Candace and Hanna decided to beat Jim to a pulp. Next week it looks like utter hell explodes at the Cryer mansion, just Jeffery gets the shock of his life after discovering that David is looking to rekindle his love with Veronica. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!