HOLLYWOOD—Last week Tyler Perry left audiences with another major cliffhanger on his hit series “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Audiences learned that both Melissa and Veronica survived the car crash, but Veronica was trapped inside the vehicle which was on the verge of getting ready to catch fire. This week’s episode, ‘Searching For A Mother’s Love’ saw Veronica begging for her soon to be daughter-in-law to take action to rescue her.

Melissa spewed plenty of venom, just as the smoke and flames intensified. She patiently waited for Veronica to perish. Well it looks like the Ice Queen will live to see another day, as Benny and Mitch stumbled upon the scene. So much for retribution “HAHN” fans! Benny being the hero he is found a way to rescue Veronica from a fiery demise and he pulled her from the car just as it exploded in flames. Benny made small talk with Melissa, just as Veronica begged Benny to ride with her to the hospital.

Jim continued to cause a ruckus at the hotel, even revealing that he is aware of Broderick and Kathryn’s little fling. Jim learned that an arrest was imminent in the Jennifer Salison murder, just as he spotted a familiar face on the TV screen, a Sarah Duffy. Hmm, this could get interesting people. Oscar updated Jim on Wyatt’s spending habits, and implemented a plan to get his hands onto Wyatt’s funds within a week. Speaking of Wyatt, he was not happy to learn that Anna was reassigned and not assisting him with his battle to fight sobriety. Oscar prank called Wyatt in an attempt to gather details, but Wyatt is not as stupid as Oscar thinks.

Looks like Rocky and Broderick are the masterminds behind a prostitution ring, and it looks like Kathryn’s boy toy is looking to take a stab at a titan. He should be very careful because Kathryn can be vicious when she feels betrayed. Derek and Hanna, could we see a new romance brewing people? Sure seems like it. Gotta say Kathryn’s new abode is one to brag about, just as Hanna was in turmoil about having to go to the morgue to pick up some items found in her grandson’s pockets.

New homes are a pivotal element in this week’s episode because David was busy putting together a bed just as Erica returned from her shopping trip. Oh David, when the truth comes out, you’re going to look so foolish. Candace was shocked to discover that Oscar paid her hotel room for the next 30 days, but it became apparent he only wanted her to assist him with bringing down Charles. Candace listened in on Oscar’s phone call as he inquired about Quita Maxwell. Oh this is getting juicy, as Oscar revealed he is working for Jim Cryer, and Quita is culpable in the matter. Candace wanted to assist Oscar with his latest job because she saw dollar signs hearing about Wyatt’s inheritance. Damn, Oscar is spilling all the tea; he revealed that Jeffrey is in jail for Quincy’s murder, which left Candace shook.

Back at the morgue, Hanna retrieved a letter her grandson wrote that brought her to tears. Man, this is so heartbreaking to watch this unfold. Justin continued to proposition Jeffrey who seemed to be in a solemn place, but Justin was more in the mood for a bit of lovemaking. However, that was halted when Jeffrey brought up Justin’s wife, which caused the cop to explode. Jeffrey spoke a bit of logic, but it was apparent that Justin is obsessed with Jeffrey, which is a very bad thing. A scorned Justin is a dangerous one, because he reacts violently.

I was certain we saw the last of Landon and Charles, but there were some interesting developments transpiring between these two. It looks like Landon might be making the moves on Charles America! Yeah, Erica was afraid when she received that text message from Candace, who made threats, with David in her immediate presence. Erica attempted to be apologetic, but Candace expected her pal to deliver to repay her for the ultimate betrayal. Candace is not one to screw over. Once you do she is out vengeance and she doesn’t stop until she gets it. The final moments of the episode saw Hanna in a rage as she spotted Benny walking through the hospital with Veronica.

These cliffhangers are epic people, because I thought this week was loaded with drama. Not even close! Next week David learns about Jeffrey, Melissa taunts Veronica and Hanna and Benny confront Candace. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!