HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been patiently waiting, and the season seven finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” transpired this week and was it a doozy to say the least. The finale titled, ‘Show Not Tell’ saw the Ice Queen take action against David for attempting to drown her. Jeez, this woman is as delusional as they come. Things kicked off with David and Jeffery chatting about the likelihood of Madison coming back to take care of him. Jeffery spilled to David what Veronica did to Justin, and it was apparent Jeffery had a Spidey sense that unnerved him.

Veronica’s goons burst into the home, but David and Jeffery were ready with gunfire of their own. The Ice Queen walked away as if nothing ever happened. I sense her comeuppance is coming; and I’m eagerly waiting for it. Mitch settled his debt with the Malone clan by handing over that $75,000 to Mitch to prevent Wyatt from being a target. Wyatt overheard the conversation and was not pleased to say the least. Why? Jim announced he was sending Wyatt to rehab and he wasn’t happy to hear that information. Katheryn was busy having fun with Broderick, who seems to be warming up to his boss and lover.

This woman just loves to gloat and gloat, so after thinking she dispatched of David, Veronica stopped by Justin’s hospital room to pay him a visit to relish in her latest stunt. Weakened, Justin warned her to stay away, and he begged for mercy. When Justin professed his love for Jeffery, Veronica was livid, just as she laughed about her nefarious plans she still has in place. Madison spotted Veronica leaving Justin’s room, and noted he would contact security if she didn’t vacate the premises, as she tried to insult him.

Justin and Madison came to an agreement about their current predicament, but its apparent Officer Justin is falling apart. RK returned to the Cryer mansion hoping to deliver that stash to Wyatt to get those earrings. Too bad their trade was interrupted by Jim. Jim was smart to suspect that RK was supplying his son with drugs and retrieved his wife’s earrings. Wyatt ratted on RK, and in return Jim learned that his son is in possession of cocaine. Jim and Wyatt got into a tussle, when dear ole dad confronted his son about his drugs.

Mitch to the rescue, he arrived and alerted Benny that he secured the $25k to settle his debt with his family. Benny was ecstatic to learn his pal went to great lengths to protect him. At long last, Hanna was forced to discuss the situation with Derrick, as Candace pried about what happened with her mother’s latest relationship. Candace was well aware her mother was hurting, and BAM, she revealed that Derrick raped her. It stopped Candace speechless in her tracks. Candace tried to piece the truth together, and it became clear that Candace learned that Derrick is her father.

It rattled Candace’s world to say the least, and Hanna wanted Candace to stay tight-lipped on revealing the bomb to Benny. We know why, because Benny is going to flip when he discovers this secret. Hmm, what was Mitch’s reasoning for wanting to speak to Candace? I sense he knows something of importance and now I’m intrigued to say the least. Benny revealed news to Hanna and Candace that Mitch cleared his debt.

Brother and sister chatted, and it was apparent that Benny KNEW they were talking about Derrick. Benny tried to persuade Candace to keep that money, but it seems like Candace is finally turning over a new leaf. Mitch dropped off the funds to his uncle Vinny, squaring Benny’s debt once and for all. Mitch’s family tried to pull him in, but he refused to get tangled in the chaos. Wyatt made a move against his father, just as Katheryn finally got in touch with Derrick about what he did to Hanna. Katheryn spilled the tea that Derrick is Candace’s father, just as Wyatt shot his father in the chest.

Katheryn heard the gunfire and rushed downstairs, where she saw Jim. Wyatt came after Katheryn who begged for her life, but he fired the gun leaving his mother in the tub. The final moments were some of the most stunning as authorities arrived at the Cryer mansion, and he confessed he murdered his parents, before he was shot. Ugh, this utterly made my blood boil. Why? So is the audience to believe the entire Cryer family is dead? If not who has finally met with the Grim Reaper.

We have no idea what happened with Jeffery and David, I hate when finales leave you hanging and literally begging for more. I will admit that is a great way to deliver a whopper of a finale, but now I’m so EAGER for the return to find out how everything pans out. Until ‘Temptation Tuesday’ returns “Haves and the Have Nots” die-hards!