HOLLYWOOD—The season finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” is slowly approaching its end. Last week did not end on a climatic note, but this week’s episode, ‘Three’s A Crowd’ started to drop some hints to the audience of the mayhem that may be headed in our direction. Katheryn had no idea she was being conned by her boy toy who did his best to keep the matriarch of the Cryer clan at ease. Just as her day was going well, it was immediately ruined when she came face-to-face with Candace. Both ladies traded spars, some funny, some not so much if you ask me.

Hanna was insistent that Benny do the right thing and sign the paperwork releasing those funds back to Jim and Katheryn. Good luck Hanna because Benny seems hesitant and considering that he needs that money to pay off the Malone clan on that money he borrowed. We’ll talk more about that later. It looks like we have a new love triangle in the mix America! I pegged this a few weeks ago when we were first introduced to nurse Madison who was caring for David. David has dropped a few subtle hints for Jeffery to consider Madison as an option.

Guess what, Madison and Jeffery had coffee, but there was one hiccup: Justin. Justin interrupted their brief lunch and stared at Madison with absolute hatred in his eyes. This was beyond scary cause I thought at any moment Justin would flip out. Jeffery vacated, soon after Madison, who didn’t seem too scared of Justin, but he should be. Wyatt was not too pleased one bit to be on house arrest, he should be so lucky considering he almost killed a man whose family are mobsters. He did his best to weasel out of getting out of the house, but Jim wasn’t buying it.

Here was perhaps the most interesting aspect of the entire episode; Veronica is still up to her old tricks. Even after the explosion that killed a woman and left her estranged husband badly burned, she is still coming up with crazy plans. This time she wants to utilize her marksman, who seems to be smitten by Veronica, to murder Leslie. Leslie is the boy toy who has been keeping Veronica company, but also Candace’s confidant. Veronica wants her marksman to murder Leslie, but set-up Jeffery to take the fall.

Man that is brutal to say the least, and I’m hoping it does not come to fruition, but I can sense, someone else ends up dead and it will not only stun viewers, but our Ice Queen as well. It seems Candace got inside Benny’s head forcing him to realize this money that he was about to sign over to Jim Cryer could be his ticket out of all his financial woes. Too bad Hanna was directly in his ear egging him to do the right thing, yet his conscience was telling him otherwise.

Well our vixen got a surprise when she returned back to her room at the Artesian Hotel. Why? President Charles was waiting for the woman who he is beyond smitten with. It has been quite some time since we’ve seen Charles, so if there is anyone that can help Candace out of her predicament its Charles. The scary thing is this guy is willing to do almost anything to help her, which should scare the audience.

Two episodes people, just two more episodes for all hell breaks loose. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!