HOLLYWOOD—Whew, this was a whopper of an episode and perhaps one of the best of the season for Tyler Perry’s soapy series “The Haves and the Have Nots.” As a viewer you almost thought you were watching a season finale with the episode ‘Till Death Do Us Part,’ but that was not the case, but it certainly delivered the dramatic flair.

Things picked up precisely where things left off last week after Candace tossed Oscar out that window as a result of him assaulting her. She didn’t seem that remorseful, and I can’t blame her. It was either her life or his, so self-defense could be used as a motive. Leslie was stunned to hear Candace’s bombshell. She was able to convince Leslie to write a letter that appeared like a suicide note, and the fact that this dolt was willing to assist Candace in this melee tells me this woman has charisma unlike any other.

The vixen spilled a bit of tea to Leslie about her past with Oscar and how he conned her. Katheryn was crippled with fear knowing she was about to do something that could fracture not only her relationship with Hanna, but with Wyatt as well. Hanna was thrown when she learned that Wyatt was culpable for hurting Vinny at the bar. Hanna was torn about rather her pal was lying to her yet again, and she informed her pal that she informed the authorities the truth about the situation. It is indeed a game changer; and to see Katheryn step up to the plate and do something as noble as this speaks wonders. It was shattering Katheryn inside, both pals bonded over their turbulent children and how their decisions impact their lives.

Back at the Artesian Hotel, Jim and Gia was stunned to see firefighters and officers taking over the facility. Gia made a call to George informing him that she has Jim talking. Sarah seemed perturbed a bit about the situation involving Jim and Gia; as a result she informed Jim that a wire is in play. Jim found himself having a conversation with Justin about jumper, and when he learned that Oscar committed ‘suicide’ he was taken aback a bit. David and Erica celebrated her new car, just as Veronica gave more fuel to her mark who was delivering information to the Ice Queen. Jim came face-to-face with Erica, as he delivered a bit of news about Oscar committing suicide. Jim and David learned that Benny robbed a Malone, but what Jim doesn’t know is that Katheryn has already turned Wyatt into the authorities. Jim wanted to meet Benny face-to-face to make threats creating another enemy.

Jim attempted to threaten Benny, but he refused to play ball. Jim wanted Benny to release those funds to him. Benny played dumb, while Jim continued to throw spars. I cannot wait to see Jim’s face when he learns that Katheryn confessed the truth to the authorities about Wyatt’s role in the situation. When Hanna burst into the room with her lawyer, Jim was taken aback.

Hanna confronted the pariah and wanted detail on Jim’s conversation. When Jim learned Benny was free, he had egg on his face and his jaw-dropped when he learned that Wyatt was turned in by Katheryn of all people. Loved it; for once Jim was speechless and it was a ton of fun to witness. Justin spied on Jeffery who lied about his actual whereabouts, unaware that his lover was secretly listening to him outside his hotel room, but was distracted to see Leslie approaching Jeffery’s room.

Oh, this is about to get interesting because Justin is a jealous fiend. Leslie continued to flirt with Jeffery who was in no mood to mess around, and their conversation as interrupted by Justin’s arrival, who puffed his chest per usual. Justin spilled plenty of tea about Leslie’s criminal history and it’s very possible he may have saved Jeffery from a bad situation. Man, Justin is crazy as hell; the constant veiled threats should have Jeffery running to the mountains.

Hanna and Benny arrived back to their place, and Benny refused to inform his mother about his conversation with Jim Cryer. Hanna is right, her children just don’t listen to her warnings and it continues to get them in trouble time and time again. Hanna’s day got worse with the arrival of Veronica to her home inquiring about Melissa’s whereabouts. The Ice Queen was taken aback to see that Hanna is lives at a place that is of luxury. She attempted to belittle Hanna, but she quipped back, and Melissa opened the door learning that Veronica is attempting to have her committed. It resulted in Melissa snapping by locking the door and running up to the roof to commit suicide.

Melissa stood up to Veronica and made it clear that the Ice Queen has caused her so much emotional stress she jumped from the building killing herself. Hanna was stunned, and it’s possible this could be the thing that finally forces Veronica to question her tactics. Wow, things are acclimating as the moments dwindle down this episode, with Katheryn alerting Wyatt that she turned him into the police for attacking that guy at the bar. Wyatt laughed at his mother, not aware that his life was about to change and not in a good way. Wyatt had a heart-to-heart conversation with Katheryn about her lack of mothering skills. She confessed her love to her son, acknowledging her past mistakes. Wyatt was brutal to his mother, too bad he didn’t expect to be taken into custody by officers for attacking Vinny Malone.

The final moments were explosive and I expected it, as Veronica’s master plan went into effect with Erica taking a ride in her new vehicle. Unfortunately, as soon as she started up that vehicle it exploded and David was tossed a far distance. How can I best say this? Melissa is dead, Erica is dead, Oscar is dead, that is a lot of bodies for one episode. If Veronica thought the war between David was bad, this is about to escalate to epic proportions, and I will go on record saying this: Veronica, David or Jim have a death warrant before this wraps and Veronica and Jim are at the top of my list. Enjoy the next 4 weeks off, because “The Haves and the Have Nots” doesn’t return until Tuesday, August 14. How am I going to occupy my time America?