HOLLYWOOD—Veronica Harrington is really testing her husband David with her antics on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Wicked’ picked up precisely where last week left off with David and Melissa getting an eyeful of Veronica and Benny committing the dirty deed. I love the new Melissa; she is feisty and the comedic timing she has is impeccable. Things got tense between Benny and David where the two guys nearly came to blows once again, but Veronica intervened.

Veronica slapped the mess out Melissa to get a bit of privacy; whew, the Ice Queen doesn’t mess around. David presented Veronica with a file of dirty deeds that his ex has committed over the years. Thank you David, thank you for saying what Veronica fails to hear: “Jeffrey is GAY!” Whoa, David threatened to go to the FBI to nail his wife, and it’s apparent that Veronica’s jealously with Erica might be her doing. The tension between these two is palpable. So glad to see David finally willing to go to battle with Veronica! Well, thank you Veronica for addressing why Melissa isn’t really showing for someone who is supposedly pregnant. I mean we learned she was pregnant in season 3; we’re now on season 6, what the hell?

Back at the District Attorney’s Office, George alerted Sarah that they have a ballistics match on the Cryer clan regarding the bullet used to kill Jennifer Sallison. Sarah you should be worried because Jim is going to be out for blood if he learns you betrayed him. Hanna was learning a lot from Katheryn’s newest maid. Looks like Hanna might be looking to earn her job back and boot the new maid who may not have Katheryn’s best interest at heart. Joann rushed downstairs and pulled the ‘Black card’ when she discovered Hanna snitched on her. Talk about fireworks, because that was some epic drama. Candace chatted with Veronica about locking up Jeffrey; so the vixen does indeed have a heart. Veronica educated Candace about being weary with David. Erica was warned to be careful and to be cautious around David who is clever with his tactics.

Back at the Artesian Hotel, Candace had a conversation with Rocky alerting him that things are still in play. Oscar paid Jim a visit to alert him that he was able to retrieve Wyatt’s account information, but he hasn’t been able to retrieve the passwords. Oh, this is very interesting, Candace’s new worker is about to fall into the clutches of the great Jim Cryer. Wyatt received a visit from Sarah and George alerting him that they have strong evidence, but Wyatt wasn’t able to fully comprehend what George was asking in regards to his family owning a gun. Wow, it looks like George is coercing Wyatt to implicate a lie in his endeavor to nail Jim and Katheryn. Wyatt is singing like a canary, which prompted George to inform his number 1 witness he could get restraining orders against both of his parents.

Sarah was NOT HAPPY with George’s tactics, and I can see this case blowing up in everyone’s faces. Justin was doing some digging about Veronica Harrington’s car crash, and it seems he is looking to cover his tracks the best way he knows how. Jeffrey was not willing to abide by Justin’s request which led to another officer attempting to intervene, but it seemed that Justin was flustered as he tried to cover his antics. This is interesting; Justin is finally having a conversation with his wife about his secret dalliances with another man. Justin denied his sexuality, and unleashed a bit of emotion, as his wife desperately wanted answers. Justin be careful, your wife can blow the whistle on your antics and ruin your reputation?

Katheryn attempted to bribe Hanna to come back and work for her, and per usual Hanna was ambivalent about giving a definitive answer. Just as Hanna exited Katheryn’s abode, our matriarch was paid a visit by George and Sarah regarding Wyatt’s desire to testify against her. George started to talk and Katheryn is no idiot so she played along and didn’t divulge any information. However, George started to spill the tea that Amanda’s death may not have been a suicide, but a homicide. Thank God, Tyler Perry has finally decided to address this plot point that was teased a few seasons ago, but never fully addressed.

George continued to ask questions, which started to annoy Katheryn. Smart lady for not speaking too much. The final moments of the episode ended with Hanna having a confrontation with David about Benny’s role in Quincy’s murder. Next week looks exciting because Hanna learns about Benny and Veronica, Katheryn and Jim spar and things start to spiral out of control. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!