HOLLYWOOD—We’ve seen Veronica Harrington have a brief conversation with Officer Justin, but this week the two came face-to-face for an epic confrontation on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘A Woman Under the Stairs’ saw Veronica utilizing blackmail tactics to get Justin to back away from her son, Jeffrey. Justin didn’t seem too afraid of the Ice Queen, but he should be, this woman is not one to be messed with.

Will admit, Justin is no idiot, and knows a way to weave around certain situations, but when Veronica dropped the bomb that she heard all of Justin and Jeffrey’s conversation; his face was ice cold. It gets better, she dropped the bomb about Jeffrey becoming a daddy and she accused Justin of sexual harassment. Veronica has some of the best dialogue on the series people. She made threats to expose Justin’s secret to his wife and the press. Justin was adamant that he was not gay, and he made threats about his wife being a judge on Veronica’s case.

Looks like the Ice Queen may have met her match people. That was a juicy scene people! Jeffrey found himself being interrogated by Jim and David about Wyatt’s situation. The more I think about it, it’s evident that David is Jim’s ‘YES’ man! The conversation quickly turned to David questioning Jeffrey about Melissa, Quincy and Candace. Jeffrey admitted that he stabbed Quincy to death in self-defense. This should be interesting; it looks like David might start spinning his wheels to save his son. Hmm, this is going to put the Harrington clan against the Young clan.

Jim stopped by Wyatt’s room to check in on his condition. Anna was persistent that Jim not agitate his son considering Wyatt’s state of mind. Jim is indeed a tool, but to see him actually show some compassion for his son was something I never expected. Katheryn did her best to try to help Hanna out her dark place, but the holy one was having trouble escaping the dark cloud circling above her. Mitch took a call from Hanna who wanted to speak with Benny and he devised a tale to prevent Hanna from learning about Benny’s predicament. Katheryn assisted her pal with covering funeral arrangements for Quincy Jr.; it just reminds me of how strong the bond between these two ladies truly is.

It was indeed a funny moment people, seeing Hanna quip about Katheryn cooking in the kitchen. Candace got the opportunity to meet Charles’ children, which warned her heart slightly. Our vixen found herself puzzled by her new target whose ‘truth’ isn’t as it appears. Candace barked orders and of course Charles listened. Back at the police station Benny was none too happy to be questioned by the authorities about Quincy’s murder. Ok, this was a twist I did not expect: Benny’s DNA is being requested as a threat to national security. Did Candace or Oscar put this in motion people because it makes absolutely no sense?

Candace and Charles chatted a bit about her intentions, which resulted in Charles showing his dark side by having his security team burst into the room and placing Candace in a precarious predicament. She was about to be arrested for terrorism. OK, just when I thought this week’s episode was chaotic; next week looks bonkers, with Charles showing his true colors, Wyatt ready to battle his father and Veronica antagonizing Benny and Melissa even more. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “HAHN” die-hards!