LOS ANGELES—The only question I had going into Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 5, is rather I would be bored for 4 hours or would it be an actual entertaining ceremony people? I was entertained for about 2 hours, then things started to drag near the end. The ceremony kicked off with multiple nominee Bad Bunny with an exceptional performance that was full of energy, even though I did not understand a sing word he was saying.

Trevor Noah was hosting again, and once again I think the Grammy Awards is a ceremony that does not need a host. Noah tried kicked things off by introducing many of the big time musicians sitting in the room and giving them their accolades. Awkward transitions personally, even though he noted Beyoncé was in attendance, but the viewers didn’t get to see her. We get it Beyoncé is important, but guess what, there are other great musicians too, let’s highlight them.

Get to the awards Trevor or another performance that could entertain. It was a moment seeing The Rock and Adele meet one another. Brandi Carlile, who is a seven time nominee, rocked the stage with her hit “Broken Horses.” Jennifer Lopez presented the first prize of the night for Best Pop Vocal Album to Harry Styles for “Harry’s House.” Harry beating out Adele, this could be the sign of a great night for Harry Styles people. Really? Do we have to hear fans debate who should win Album of the Year? I was happy to see other artists beyond BEYONCE being highlighted for Album of the Year, there were other albums nominated beyond “Renaissance,” but that was time that could have been used to pass out more awards.

Viola Davis who became an ‘EGOT’ winner with her Grammy win, presented the prize for Best R&B Song to Beyoncé for “Cuff It,” however, Beyoncé was not there to take the stage to accept her prize as she was running late. Sorry it is really becoming the Beyoncé show and it is slightly annoying only 30 minutes into the ceremony. Shania Twain presented the prize for Best Country Album to Willie Nelson “A Beautiful Time.”

I was ecstatic to see Stevie Wonder take the stage to perform a medley of hits from Motown, including Smokey Robinson’s hit “The Way You Do (The Things You do).” Smokey himself later took to the stage to perform, as did Chris Stapleton, who brought the house down people. The Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance went to Sam Smith and Kim Petras for “Unholy.”Petras was emotional while accepting the prize and made history as the first trans woman to win a Grammy it was moving to watch people.

It was a moment to see Lizzo get some praise for embracing the big girls as she took to the stage to perform her hit “It’s About Damn Time” before taking the audience and viewers home to church. Fun performance nothing to talk about the next day. Sza presented the prize for Best Musica Urbana Album to Bad Bunny for “Un Verano Sin Ti.” I am surprised we’re seeing more awards being handed out. In only an hour, 5 trophies, usually it takes 2 to 3 hours to make that happen.

Again Beyoncé has to be singled-out at the ceremony yet again by Noah, please stop. Harry Styles took to the stage to perform, and it was an energetic performance that was quite memorable to say the least people. One of the favs of the night in my opinion. Cardi B presented the prize for Best Rap Album to Kendrick Lamar for “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.”

Kacey Musgraves, Bonnie Raitt, Quavo and others took to the stage to pay tribute to all in the music industry that we have lost in the past year. It was a surprise to see Madonna at the Grammys people, as she introduced Sam Smith and Kim Petras who performed “Unholy.” Where was the crowd, because as Madonna stated it felt like they fell asleep. Smith can really belt people and this was a provocative performance as Madonna alluded to. Best Dance/Electronica Album went to Beyoncé for “Renaissance.”

I just found it so odd that in 2023 for some reason all these categories that have NEVER been presented are being presented to highlight Beyoncé; it was so damn obvious the Grammy Awards wanted to have a moment for Beyoncé not only to take the stage, but to have that moment where she SET RECORDS FOR WINNING THE MOST AWARDS OF ALL TIME. Thankfully that is over people, as we transitioned to someone singing some actual R&B with Mary J. Blige.

This performance honoring 50 years of Hip-Hop was absolutely stunning and I loved every single moment of it. I had no idea it has been so long since this genre of music took the world by storm. With an introduction by LL Cool J who was dressed in his iconic gear from the 80s. He presented the prize to Dr. Dre for the Global Impact Award, as his eclectic career was highlighted. Quest love was instrumental in delivering this epic collaboration that highlighted, not every single artist from the origin of hip-hop in 1973 to 2023 (nearly impossible to do), but once this performance kicked off it was epic people.

Seeing Run DMC take the stage was an absolutely epic moment, but it did feel like the sync on the music was slightly off, but we soon transitioned to LL Cool J taking the stage to rap “Radio” which was iconic. Then we saw Salt N Pepa followed by Public Enemy. This is just iconic; the mash-ups of all these iconic artists who haven’t been seen in years on the stage was just epic, Ice-T, Queen Latifah, the list goes on and on. Queen Latifah had the crowd wild. Method Man and Redman with Wu-Tang, followed by Big-Boi and Busta Rhymes shut the house down people!

Then Missy Elliott singing a medley of her hits before Nelly took to the stage followed by Too Short and the Ruff Riders, and MC Lyte, yeah there were some artists missing, but I’m not mad at the Grammys for what they put together. Definitely a highlight of the ceremony people. After a drought of handing out awards, it was time for another prize as Best Pop Solo Performance went to Adele for “Easy on Me.” Luke Combs took to the stage with a slow performance that was a pleasant surprise after all we’ve seen so far in the night. However, after about 3 hours I’m tired, and I know this ceremony is going to push at almost 4 hours if not longer.

I didn’t see the Grammys as being political, as First Lady Jill Biden presented the prize for Best Song for Social Change before she honored the prize for Song of the Year to Bonnie Raitt for “Just Like That.” Raitt was stunned when her name was called as she took to the stage. Record of the Year, that is a big one people with plenty of contenders all capable of winning the prize, but it was Lizzo for “About Damn Time” who walked away with the prize and I was stunned with her win people. So was Lizzo who did not expect the victory, but dedicated her win to Prince.

Starting to think the expansion of 5 contenders in each category to 10 for the big 4 is the reason there were surprises in both the Song and Record of the Year races. Could this bode the same for Album of the Year? At3 hours and 30 minutes the viewers at home and the audience were checked out people. Even as Steve Lacy, DJ Khaled, John Legend and Jay-Z was still scheduled to perform and Best New Artist and Album of the Year still need to be presented.

Best New Artist, which has actually been called a curse as it has not presented that much good luck for the winners in the Recording Academy’s history was given to Samara Joy, who I have no clue who she is, but she was moved to tears when her name was called. She was so humble and gracious as she delivered her speech. At last, the final prize of the night Album of the Year was given out by Trevor Noah to Harry Styles for “Harry’s House!”

Yeah, that was indeed an upset I was not expecting at all people, so when Noah allowed Harry’s biggest fan to announce his win it was tense people. I’m not the biggest Beyoncé fan, but of any year, I thought this might be her year for Album of the Year because so many people loved “Renaissance,” obviously not the Recording Academy though. You win some you lose some, I thought “Beyoncé” was her best album and she should have won when she was snubbed over by Beck. It is what it is, after nearly 4 hours the 2023 Grammy Awards is over!