HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Haves and Have Nots” ended in a doozy when Katheryn Cryer decided to whack Candace Young with a wine bottle. ‘Nine Lives’ picked up precisely where last week’s episode ended with Katheryn and Jim taking measures to prevent Hanna from discovering what they were up to.

Candace went toe-to-toe with the patriarch and matriarch who made threats. Just as she was planning to leave the residence, Hanna spotted her daughter’s vehicle and returned to the home where she heard voices coming from the study. Hanna was a bit taken back when she discovered that her daughter was being held against her will, and for once the mother stood up for her child. This is indeed going to cause a rift between the Cryer and Young families.

The secret that has dragged for more than three seasons finally came to fruition when Candace revealed Amanda was raped by her professor. The parents were in complete disarray from the revelation. Gosh, I’m so happy this secret finally came out, but blood will be spilled and vengeance is about to hit the fan.

In other developments, Carlos was discovered by Celine divulging details to the press about the truth about Jim Cryer. She was adamant that the footage that was obtained be deleted, but it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out to the world. The tryst between Benny and Veronica continued when she showed up at his home and the two discussed the status of where they stand. He was determined to let things fizzle, but she refused to allow him to get away, and another lovemaking session was on the horizon.

Oscar came to Candace’s rescue when he realized she was having another bad day, and she decided to reveal all of the dark details from her past. This is the most honest Candace has been with anyone, and I mean anyone.

He seemed a bit thrown by all of the revelations, particularly the fact that she is incapable of loving anyone. Oscar decided to shed a bit of his past to Candace, the death of his wife shattered him. These two have more in common than one would expect, and it led to lovemaking. Oscar gave Candace vital information to visit her baby’s father to learn the whereabouts of her son.

Katheryn screamed to her husband that her son Wyatt was off the rails and he needed to be reeled in before things got any worse. Wyatt learned once and for all that his father is no longer playing games. Maggie’s spy revealed details that Veronica was at Benny’s abode. Just what type of game is Maggie Day playing? She alerted David on the whereabouts of his truck, as she did her best to get him to stop at the residence instead of her calling the authorities. Gosh, this guy is so gullible; when is he going to get a clue.

Candace paid Quincy a visit behind bars to try to get the whereabouts on her son. Unfortunately, Quincy refused to give Candace what she wanted. He dropped a bomb revealing that it was Veronica who helped him escape, and he had plans to kill Benny and her. That guy is wickedly evil. The episode concluded in typical cliffhanger fashion with David arriving at Hanna’s home questioning why his vehicle was at her home.

Hanna was just as clueless about the car situation as David was. She invited Mr. Harrington to her home, as she went to fetch Benny. To her surprise she opened his bedroom door and saw him getting hot and heavy with Veronica. Must say, next week’s episode looks like a game changer! Until next Tuesday “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!