HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry has seriously amped up the level of drama on his soapy series “The Haves and the Have Nots,” but the season three mid-season finale might be the best to date. “Enough Is Enough” saw a season full of surprises and twists come to a head, that left audiences saying WHAT JUST HAPPENED? The episode opened with Katheryn and Jim having a conversation with Wyatt about the complications of their relationship.

His father confessed that Wyatt is going to prison for his confession, but the youngster failed to realize his life is seriously about to change forever. Wyatt was quite frightened for once in his life. The life of the rich and famous, is about to hit a major speed bump.

Hanna got the surprise of her lifetime when Quincy came to her door with her grandson, who she suspected had been dead. This vile human being held the child upside down, as she begged him to let her grandson go. When she attempted to rescue her son, he slapped her. Major mistake Quincy, major mistake.

Maggie was up to no good having a private investigator keep tabs on Veronica after she unleashed wholly hell on her husband David at The Sarandon Hotel. She did her best to get David to open up, but he refused. Hanna did her best to distract Benny from finding out what happened to her face, but when he learned that Quincy was responsible, his temper reached epic proportions.

Candace was surprised when she learned from Landon that Veronica trashed the bar. They were later joined by Jeffrey and interrupted by Melissa who for some reason refuses to accept that Jeffrey is gay, which concerned both Landon and Candace. This girl is delusional; and she got down to her skivvies tempting Jeffrey, just as Candace interrupted what was going on. The femme fatale searched her purse and learned that Melissa is trying to get pregnant, but trust me there is more to this story.

Veronica called her son, demanding to see him right away. Jeffrey arrived to his former home and learned that Melissa had been hired by his mother. Our noble one finally took a stand against his mother who fell into a deep depression; she looked a hot mess. She was smoking and drinking again. She dropped a bomb on her son by revealing he is about to be a father, and it was all apart of her master plan.

She unleashed a fury on her son with vulgar terms and a slap to the face, but Jeffrey refused to back down, giving his mother a taste of her own medicine that was epic; Veronica was unable to utter a word, as she was in complete disarray. Benny spotted Quincy as he left the strip club and rammed his vehicle before putting a massive beating on the hostile one. I’m wondering if Benny left Quincy for dead, or if retaliation is in the near future.

David arrived home and was disturbed to find his drunken wife, who made violent threats to her hubby. Jeffrey and Landon hooked up, just as Veronica received a call from Benny Young who informed her that he needed a lawyer after getting into a fight. She bailed him out of prison, and he drove her home where she revealed all the gory details about her tumultuous life. She then kissed him, and the two engaged in a passionate kiss, before other unknown things took place in her vehicle. This will not bode well for the Young and Harrington family when things get out.

Candace continued to be smitten by Oscar, who surprises the audience each time. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Her lovemaking session was interrupted by her mother, who revealed that Benny went after Quincy. I’m surprised Hanna didn’t reveal to Candace that her son is alive!

The finale culminated with Veronica taking a gasoline can into her bedroom and pouring it all over the bed where David was sleeping. She then lit the match igniting her home, as she sat on the front porch. Is David going to die? What the hell is going on with Veronica, this woman has seriously lost her mind? I can’t wait till the series returns in May to wrap up the rest of season three! “The Haves and Have Nots” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on OWN.