HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended on one hell of a climatic note, with Jeffrey stabbing his mother, Veronica. This week’s episode, ‘An Accident’ picked up precisely where that cliffhanger ended with Veronica in utter shock over her son’s actions. I mean she TOTALLY deserved it and to see Jeffrey walk away with such calmness as Hanna and Katheryn stood there in shock was a moment to say the least.

I loved watching Hanna trade those jabs at Veronica who deserved everything that she got, and Katheryn, who was visibly upset by what her so called friend just did to her son, did her best to show a bit of compassion. Someone has to be the adult here. Gosh, I love me some Hanna, finally someone not afraid to stand up to this vengeful woman.

Jim asked David to get into contact with Jennifer Salison to scold her for her involvement in Wyatt’s death. David alerted his pal he would talk to Jennifer to prevent Jim from doing and saying something he would regret. Why is my gut instinct telling me Wyatt isn’t really dead, and we’re about to see some crazy twist that isn’t going to make much sense in reality.

Back at The Sarandon Hotel, Jeffrey was literally spiraling out of control and losing his mind, and made a phone call to Candace alerting her that he stabbed his mother. Candace immediately became concerned that Veronica would spill the beans about Quincy. Candace was in utter shock with the turn of events that has transpired. Rattled, Jeffrey decided to call Officer Justin for reassurance.

Ok, Jennifer just shocked me with her admission that its possible Amanda did not commit suicide, but she was murdered. David seemed shocked by the news, but that is a theory that I least expected, but it’s quite plausible. It’s possible Wyatt, Quincy or Jim’s other son could have committed the deed people. Mitch and Benny waited outside David’s campaign office wanting to get answers on what he did to their phones.

Mitch schooled Benny a bit on a way to outsmart the elite. Benny wanted to fight, Mitch noted for Benny to get back at David he had to strike him where it hurts most: Jeffrey. Hmm, this is problematic because Candace is best friends with Jeffrey and will NOT allow Benny to cause him any strife.

Justin arrived to Jeffrey’s room and warned him not to call his house, before Jeffrey revealed that he suspects he killed his mother. Jeffrey spilled his truth to Justin about his violent attack on his mother, which prompted his secret lover to make a call to ensure a warrant wasn’t out for Jeffrey’s arrest. Justin’s compassion led Jeffrey to Candace’s abode, where he was ready to divulge to his pal about the death of Quincy who is buried in the yard.

David stopped by the hotel to view Wyatt’s body, and discovered that Wyatt isn’t dead, he’s actually BREATHING! Oh my God, how in the world did the authorities miss this, this is beyond crazy people? Candace alerted Benny to call Hanna to find out about Veronica’s stabbing, as the Ice Queen continued to panic regarding her state of mind.

The paramedics arrived to provide treatment to Veronica’s wound, it looked like Veronica has implants in her breasts, and that her wound was little to nothing. Once again, the Ice Queen delivers the performance of a lifetime, to stage an unnecessary scene. Just as Hanna was leaving the Cryer residence, she got a call from Benny who was doing his best to get information, while she warned her son to stay away from Veronica Harrington. Jennifer arrived at the Cryer residence, and alerted Hanna that she needed to speak to Katheryn right away. Of course we know this is news regarding Wyatt actually being alive.

The final moments of the episode saw Candace learning that Jeffrey and Officer Justin were in her backyard, getting the details on Quincy’s demise. Man things are so heating up on this series, I can’t wait to see what other chaos unfolds next week. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!