HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, the season four finale of Tyler Perry’s hit, “The Haves and the Have Nots” has arrived and man was this one explosive episode. For those who have not watched the episode STOP READING now as major spoilers are below. ‘Promises Kept’ picked up precisely where last week’s episode left off with Jeffrey getting a tip from Officer Justin that Candace’s house was about to be served with a search warrant.

This could be the action that finally pushes Katheryn over the edge people, and trust me I’ve been waiting to see this transpire. At least she still has Hanna in her corner, something is telling me that Mr. Perry is setting up the endgame for one of the adults to bid adieu.

Jeffrey was frantic as he did his best to get in contact with Candace to alert her that her house was about to be searched. Justin was informed by Jeffrey to search the garden in the backyard. Officers stormed the home, just as Pearl and Quita watched from a distance. Melissa continued to pine after Jeffrey who was at the hospital by Wyatt’s bedside.

Veronica was not pleased to learn that her son was avoiding her dinner party. He alerted his mother that her game is over, and that the police are searching Candace’s home. Hmm, dying to see what ‘surprise’ Veronica is planning this time around! Benny continued to give Candace the cold shoulder about her latest stunt, and David seems all too smitten with Erica. Too bad he’s about to fall hard, real hard. While Jeffrey was confessing his truth to Wyatt, Katheryn overheard him confess that Veronica was responsible for Wyatt getting raped in prison. That moment totally STUNNED me, cause I’ve been waiting nearly a year for this revelation to come out!

Katheryn confronted Jim about Wyatt being raped in prison, and he did his best to avoid the question, but the matriarch was livid to say the least, and when she dropped Veronica’s name, Jim wanted to clean up the mess, but when a mother sees her child hurt, all hell breaks loose. She made a call inviting Veronica and Jennifer Sallison to her house, and she made it clear they would be in attendance. Oh, I love seeing Katheryn pander to Veronica’s ego; it was juicy television HAHN fans.

Veronica unleashed her inner ghetto by slapping the hell out Quita when she discovered that her master plan may have been ruined. Man this woman is a classic character; as much as you hate her you love her. The bombshells continued when Benny asked Mitch if he placed drugs in Warlock’s vehicle. Benny divulged the entire truth to Mitch about Candace’s ‘lies’ and when Benny learned that War raped Candace his rage exploded. Mitch then dropped that he set-up War, and revealed that he is a member of the Malone crime organization. Mitch pointed out that he could get the money, but it would be way too risky to consider that as an option.

Class act, seeing Mitch and Benny celebrate with champagne as they took the legit way out instead of turning to the life of crime. Oscar patiently waited at the campaign office, but he was unaware that he was walking into a trap courtesy of Candace, the woman he conned. She whacked him quite well with a metal pole, but what remains of him is unknown. Veronica made a call to Jennifer making it clear that Katheryn wanted all 3 of them to meet. Oh, this is about to be so good people, because I can only imagine what Mrs. Cryer has planned for these ladies. Benny arrived home looking sadder than ever, but was comforted with seeing Quincy Jr. and Hanna. Hanna instantly realized something was off with her son, who broke down in tears when he confessed that Candace mortgaged the house and the tow yard. Ok, what the hell was the purpose of Hanna bursting out in song, when she witnessed her son in so much pain?

It was the moment we’ve been waiting for, and Katheryn made it clear to Jennifer that she needs to ensure Wyatt’s inheritance is returned back to them. What? Jennifer never slept with Jim, but she did have a relationship with David which pushed Veronica’s buttons. Katheryn continued to play mind games with both women, and dropped the whopper of a secret on her BFF about the rapist she let into Wyatt’s cell. The Ice Queen was caught cold-handed and could no longer deny. Katheryn confessed that Veronica’s prowess as an attorney is the best. Ok, what the hell is Katheryn planning people, “I’m going to teach you who to fear and how to fear,” said Katheryn to Veronica.

What a moment, Katheryn pulled out a gun and savagely shot Jennifer multiple times murdering her when she refused to give back Wyatt’s inheritance. She then pointed the gun at Veronica and made it clear it is her job to ensure that Katheryn gets off for murdering the district attorney. That may have been the BEST SEASON FINALE I’ve witnessed in years people. Seriously, we have to wait till January 2017 to see what unfolds next! Until next year “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards, that’s a finale worth watching for a second time.