Hillbilly Heart!


HOLLYWOOD—There is nothing in the universe that has the ability to move people in so many ways than music. So many times you hear a song you like and it changes your emotional state instantly. In just a few moments, you begin to feel different, the lyrics touched you.

It may even add meaning, emotion and depth to your life. Imagine going to the movies without the music or soundtrack. It just wouldn’t be the same without the high-energy soundtrack to the high speed race scene that carries you along at light speed. Or that special love scene that is deeply touching and surreal feeling that is present in a romantic film without the beautiful ballad that plays in the scenes that so completely sweeps you off your feet into another tsunami of love.

Country music is now universally respected and is embraced by people from all walks of life. The lyrics combined with their touching melodies and thought-provoking but subtle messages about love, life, loss is what the genre of country music is all about. Many fans still miss the Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. We still have Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson and Billy Ray Cyrus.

We bumped into Billy Ray Cyrus on April 17, who is currently promoting his book titled” Hillbilly Heart: A Memoir.” Billy Ray writes about his childhood back inKentucky, his pony Dusty, where he found refuge in music and sports after his parents divorced. His pictures include his early years opening up for Lee Greenwood before he had a record deal; his first royalty check from BMI, issued back on November 12, 1990-for $5.95; his tireless early efforts to gain the attention of music executives from Nashville to Los Angeles; his breakout album “Some Gave All” (including “Achy Breaky Heart” as a single); and his rise to national fame becoming a multi-platinum-selling recording artist. He also writes about his famous daughter Miley, who landed the Disney show “Hannah Montana,” on which her real dad had the role as her pretend father.

Billy Ray began singing when he was just 5, with his dad’s gospel group; he opened up in his memoir about his many phases, including his rebellious one. In his memoir he points to the many valuable lessons he has learned from the bible at a young age. The 273-page book includes his discography in the last pages. Cyrus has poured his heart and soul into the pages and sets the record straight on his personal life.

Billy who wore his sunglasses and cap gazed at the picture taken of him last year on the Jimmy Fallon show. “Yes, I remember that,” Cyrus said. While his brother looked on, good looks certainly run in that family. His brother is super handsome and a southern gentleman.

The wait is finally over Will.i.am and Miley Cyrus have joined forces on “Fall Down,” a Dr. Luke produced dance-pop record. Could it be about Liam Hemsworth? Could someone be going down the road of Taylor Swift?

Rose’s Scoop: The Vanity Fair party took place on April 16, inNew York City, kicking off the Tribeca Film Festival. The party had many guests that included New York Post’s Cindy Adams, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert De Niro and family, Vera Wang, Jane Rosenthal, Donna Karan, Gayle King and celebrity chef and business entrepreneur Drew Nieporent among many.

One person that stood at in the crowd was Mr. Nieporent who owns Myriad restaurant group and operates numerous restaurants around the world. Mr. Nieporent is quite personable and went out of his way to help a lost truck-driver with directions. He actually got up from the park bench to assist the driver, before he walked into the party. It’s no wonder he received several humanitarian awards.

By Rose Quintiliano