HOLLYWOOD—If it wasn’t already obvious that Holly Sutton was working for Victor Cassadine on “General Hospital,” the truth was exposed this week. Why? Robert’s intuition came to light as he was well aware Holly was up to no good and confronted her. She spilled nearly all the beans, but not everything. For starters, the audience already discovered it was Holly dressed as Anna who shot Lucy, but as Holly confessed to Robert she was the one who committed the deed.

Yeah, I’m NOT sure if Holly realizes this no matter what she does she could find herself behind bars for attempted murder for shooting Lucy. Yeah, I get that Victor shot your sister dead in front of your eyes and is holding Ethan hostage, but are you will to kill to save him? Apparently so, which makes me wonder NOT only if Luke is still alive, but why Victor is going to such great lengths to get his hands on that Ice Princess diamond.

Robert is in a precarious situation because he knows the truth about Holly and her seductive ways which were utilized to get Victor the information he requested, but she is teetering a dangerous line, especially with Anna on the run people. Victor is not happy about that, and luckily Valentin has not hinted to Victor his role in helping Anna escape and rescuing Charlotte with Laura and Kevin’s help.

Yeah, Laura Collins is back in PC, but her presence is NOT as notable as I would want it to be as a viewer. This is an icon on the soap people. Her presence should be heightened as she’s the face of “GH.” I want to divert the attention to the bomb that Elizabeth is aware that Nikolas is keeping Esme held captive at Wyndemere as she carries his baby. Here is the good thing? The residents of Port Charles know that Esme is out and about, because when Ava learned that tea from Victor she nearly choked. Do I think Ava is scared of Esme? Not in the least, but she’s afraid the truth of her nearly killing Esme coming to light.

She still has no idea that Esme is pregnant with Nikolas’ baby which will indeed be a deal breaker for their marriage and will send a shockwave to Laura, Spencer and everyone who knows Nikolas. I still cannot fathom Liz not exposing that Esme is in Nikolas’ clutches? She has nothing to gain by keeping this secret because she has her own drama being responsible for Reiko’s death courtesy of her father who was having an affair with Finn’s wife.

Bad storytelling no matter what you think. Britt got confirmation her Huntington’s Disease is progressing and her time is nearing, so she finally spilled the truth to her mother, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, who as we all know is a fighter for her children when the walls are closing in. She may have been a wicked woman in the past, but she has reformed, so she’s going to do what she can on a medical front to save her daughter, who continues to bond with Cody, who is after that necklace.

I truly have no idea of the purpose of Cody on the soap. It just seems his presence is just lackluster and a waste of time. Sam and Spinelli are working to get the goods on him, but they have NOT yet connected all the dots people.  It doesn’t matter because Cody won’t get his hands on the necklace that Robert now possesses and the WSB is coming to retrieve. Too bad Holly has new orders from Victor to get her hands on that suitcase at all costs.

The Drew and Carly, let’s keep our romance a secret, is not a secret when your own daughter knows about it. Carly is really playing with fire helping Josslyn with Dex who was shot, not to mention Josslyn giving into temptation and kissing Dex. Dex is already playing with fire attempting to bring Sonny down with Michael’s assistance, but he’s now romancing Carly’s daughter, Michael’s sister after being warned to steer clear from her. We all know Joss won’t disclose the truth to Cameron which sucks, but this betrayal is going to explode in an epic way people. Yeah, I kind of want Sonny to discover Dex as the double agent because his exposure will be so worth seeing spoiled brat Michael having to face the music, as well as Josslyn who is a becoming more and more like her mother as of late.

That brings us to the truth that Carly’s little secret about Willow being Nina’s biological daughter soon coming to light. Willow’s leukemia diagnosis has been revealed to certain people, but NOT all and with her diagnosis getting serious, finding a bone marrow match is critical and time consuming, as Willow tries to search for her birth family, not knowing Nina is right there. I CANNOT for this truth to come out because this is a low move even for Carly and there will be no wiggling her way out of this one and she is concerned yet again that Willow is searching for her birth parents. The walls are closing in Carly!

She will be exposed and any backlash she faces as a result, she deserves it; this is the absolute lowest move Carly has made and you can guarantee after she learns that Willow has leukemia she will do her best to hide the big secret. Expect Sonny and Nina to go to war with Carly after this bomb is revealed people and my gut is telling me February Sweeps we will FINALLY see Nina learn the truth about her daughter and what hell is unleashed after will be so worth the delayed reveal.