HOLLYWOOD—Well she’s back! That is right “General Hospital” fans Holly Sutton returned to the canvas late last week shocking Olivia, Ned and Robert in the process. It seems Victor Cassadine’s fingerprints point to him being the culprit who faked her death and was holding her hostage, but the questions remains why? She is dressed in all black, she was presumed dead, has come back to town just as a killer with a hook has attacked 4 people, two have been killed. Yeah, all signs seem to point to Holly being the culprit, since the audience knows Esme ABSOLUTELY is not guilty people.

Holly also got minds thinking when she slapped Victor Cassadine in front of a Port Charles audience, Robert being one of those individuals. Robert is no idiot and knows there is more going on than meets the eye. However, Robert has other issues to handle, like Lucy Coe being shot and all evidence pointing to Anna Devane as being the culprit. Anna was arrested for Lucy’s murder, but Jordan, Mac, Dante and Robert all know she is being setup and they suspect Victor as the culprit. They would be correct, but they don’t have the evidence people.

However, I still don’t understand how she is arrested when there is no body. Victor set this up and Anna is going to have a tough one getting out of this pickle people. The audience knows Lucy is not dead, but being held captive or trying to find her way back home as a female body was seen by what appears to be a beach or rocky shore. All signs point to Lucy, because if it ain’t her, then who the hell is it? Victor is perhaps one of the best villains that “GH” has had since Helena Cassadine and Cesar Faison. His plans are always so nefarious and no one is safe from his danger, not even blood to a degree.

Holly has plenty of explaining to do which Robert is all ears for, but Holly is not giving him much to work with people, no in the least it. November Sweeps are less than a week away, so here’s hoping more of what is going on with Holly Sutton comes to light because remember she was being held captive in Monte Carlo when Robert and Olivia went hunting for her.

Nina appears to be getting closer to the truth about Willow’s health, but she is not there quite yet people, as she probes Ava about her hesitation with her marriage to Nikolas who is becoming Victor’s puppet in whatever master plan he is negotiating people. With that said, Josslyn is getting closer to Dex, and Cameron does not like it people. Yeah, Josslyn is going to cheat on Cameron with Dex causing major heartache and anger from Michael and Sonny when they find out people. Dex is playing with fire and has no idea how dangerous it is.

With that said, Cody and Britt decided to take a look at the safe deposit box that Peter August left her and it has nearly been a year since Peter died. What Britt discovered was a pricey piece of jewelry that I’m starting to think is something that Victor is after, but so is Cody. His action to that item screamed be careful around this guy people, even if I didn’t want it to be true. Liz and Terry are taking that trip to that island to learn more about her family past and why these memories are surfacing now. All I know is that after a year of this massive drag of a storyline this reveal better blow my socks off or it’s a major disappointment.