HELLO AMERICA!─Even though the world looks at Hollywood as a golden land of fame and miracles, this Disneyland promotion concept fell flat on the re-editing board when Miss CORONAVIRUS made her entrance on the scene. Within a few days, studios decided to close doors, schools on every academic level gave notice of closure and when the stores, hotels, restaurants, theaters and beauty shops followed suit, the viewing only reminded one of an impossible, insane scenario that would only be seen in a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin film or one of Bud Abbot and Lou Costello.

Viewing the information-battle between The White House and scientist representing level of trust and recognition attempt with much consideration and respect for what was being delivered as truth, made it even more evident that the man commanding the OVAL OFFICE had no idea what was going on. As a result, nearly every American town and city were turned into one of the ghosts. Earlier when TV screens revealed what was occurring in Italy, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain and so many other major human surviving areas, the all-knowing condescension from the TRUMP Right-Wing Nationalist group from the senate slowly went silent.

Suddenly, there were men and women of The White House delivering speeches, declaring that America was doing the correct things at every move. When a minute later, someone representing credible people from the scientific agency delivered a much different take on the situation, and what had to be done in resolving it. The more these professional science men were allowed to inform the people about the realities of the horror what America was experiencing which involved time and money.

This is when the faces of The White House and those of the Senate turned red in horror and quickly suggested that Congress and everyone else should be allowed to leave their seats and spend a few days away from Washington.  Fortunately, lady Nancy Pelosi would not go for it. She was determined that certain bills must be passed in support of all workers being forced to leave their jobs to work from home and be paid accordingly.

Filmmaker, Chris Cavalier made me aware and several of his buddies from UCLA are developing a documentary on everything evolving around the current Corona situation and how it is affecting every aspect of our existence not only in Hollywood but the world over. “Look how it has affected travel throughout the world,” he said. “It has put a halt on trade, tourism, especially for young people who possibly made plans to live in countries other than our own.”  He also added that the social division it has caused is much more serious than most would like to admit.

“Many of us younger people,” he added, “believe, somehow, this is what the current administration is not unhappy about. Somehow, they are routinely involved and agree with anything which might destroy what America has always strived and sacrificed in war or during peace to be; America as a democracy, not a dictatorship. How soon we forget the sound of Seigh Heil or the death scent from gas chambers with human beings being sacrificed because they lived and worshiped differently, ruled with an iron fist by a man called HITLER.”

It is also very necessary to note that LADY CORONA’s presence has and is affecting the survival of older citizens as well. It is being noted from every direction that those over 50 years old should take special care not to roam around as usual; they should remain inside as much as possible and be aware of how they greet old friends and the usual social and religious groups they have developed through the years.

Believe me, folks, I have received messages from the family from back east, former students and entertainment buddies warning me about the same thing. So, I am forced to practice what I preach. HELLO!