HELLO AMERICA!─Remember the name Caliente Don Juan Templar. He is a gifted young scientist who is a friend of mine who has found a way to combat CORONAVIRUS. It is an amazing, simple and logical that will quickly ease your mind.  Communicating with Caliente was reminiscent of sitting in a great science class at the university. It was simple, fascinating and filled with basic information that makes sense. Caliente noted that he could not understand why governmental health centers, globally, have neglected to make people aware of HOW to deal with the Coronavirus dilemma itself.

Caliente Templar says this is what one should do to combat the virus. First of all, it is important to understand the virus survives in cold weather or temperature. As a result, one must build a “hot” atmosphere to get rid of it. That is basic. Because it is important that the nasal passages might be too dry, one must use a large POT, put water in it; place an onion, orange peelings, sea salt, bit of lemons and bring it to a boil, CREATING HOT STEAM which is necessary to enter one’s nasal passage.  Remember the “cold” will retain the virus and HEAT will KILL the bacteria, IT IS a simple fact.

Bring the water to about 90 degrees; HOLD your BREATH as long as possible and the HOT STEAM will KILL the VIRUS. The heat will travel through your nose passage, affecting the lungs and kills virus with the steam forcing the virus to exit the lungs.  One must understand the virus stays in the system for 2 weeks before affecting one’s body and the virus itself.  It is important to remember that one must place one’s head over the hot steam for at least 20 minutes.  The effect of the healing will be one which will be obvious i.e., moisture will begin to emit from the nasal passage, a bit of coughing might take place or even a feeling of upchucking indicating the process itself had taken effect destroying the CORONAVIRUS itself.

Remember that HEAT will KILL the CORONAVIRUS; a COLD temperature or climate will sustain it. There appears to be a large number of Hollywood entertainers and actors admitting they are victims of this dreaded virus; this is one reason why Templar who admittedly has great respect for theatre and film people generally. He simply needed to put their mind at ease. “I don’t understand why heads of government won’t simply explain to the general public how being affected ca be averted in a basic way for any of us. It is truly a puzzle!” he admits.

During the last few weeks, many members of the studio technical group have decided not to return to their residence with family because of virus. They don’t want to affect their wives and children, as a result, the only human connection they are experiencing is by phone. Several French and English actors attempted to make arrangements, and then return to complete Hollywood obligations might interfere with other contractual film and or TV obligations.

Former “General Hospital” soap star Chris Robinson informed that he signed to do another feature, but because of the Coronavirus and he would have to travel from his Arizona ranch to appear in the film, everything has been set back.

“Nothing is really happening,” he noted, “because of this Corona score. It might be six or eight months before anything picks up again.  However, those of us who signed deals or contracts have to go with whatever happens because there is no other choice.”

Hollywood’s First Lady of honor Ruta Lee agrees that she too has been forced to rearrange her schedule involving appearance and her Thalian responsibilities based on CORONAVIRUS. “Darling,” she yelled, “this eventually gets on your nerves but after a time, one gets use to it and try very hard to deal.”

When speaking with my old friend Betty White about CORONA, she let out a giant laugh and said, “WHAT’S new, kid?!”  Enough said.