HOLLYWOOD—Guilty pleasures come a dime a dozen, but one that should not be missed is the ABC hit “How to Get Away With Murder.” The drama starring Oscar-nominee Viola Davis is one twisty, crazy, jaw-dropping series that has hooked my attention. Davis is pure spectacle and sensational in the roll of defense attorney and law professor Annalise Keating.

The second season kicked off with another whodunit with Keating finding herself seriously wounded by a gunshot. As the season unfolded, it became clear that Wes (yet again) was the figure behind the chaos, as he shot his teacher after she confessed that his girlfriend Rebecca had been murdered. Hence, it was Bonnie, Annalise’s right-hand lady who committed the deed.

The second season finale titled “Anna Mae,” I seriously thought it was some short of play from the film “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and the infamous nickname Ike Turner gave to his wife Tina Turner. The bulk of the episode saw Annalise return home to visit her mother, Ophelia (the fabulous Cicely Tyson). She was prompted to flee after a drunken Laurel revealed that Frank was responsible for murdering Lila. Yep, that revelation left Annalise floored.

While Professor Keating was MIA, the rest of the gang including Frank and Bonnie did their best to keep things running smoothly, even though a warrant was on the verge of being issued for Annalise for the death of assistant DA Sinclair. Yeah, we already know Asher was responsible for that, but per usual Annalise cleverly covered tracks for all parties involved. Speaking of Asher we can’t forget about his and Michaela’s hook-up. Seeing those to get hot and heavy in the bathroom of a club was slightly shocking and I’m wondering if real emotions will emerge in season three between the two.

The bulk of the finale revolved around things in the past that had ripple effects for Annalise and Frank. As Annalise worked on the Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin) case, she realized that her client was not a nice guy. Wes came to the realization that his father was evil; I mean he raped her mother, and we discovered his mom’s fear of Wallace led to her stabbing herself to death. Why? To prevent her son from learning that he is a product of rape.

Annalise worked feverishly to do all she could to protect Kristophe, but an annoyed Frank decided to work with the enemy in his quest to receive a large payday. So what did Frank do? He bugged Annalise’s hotel room, which gave his bed buddie all the ammunition to protect Wallace. The result: he put out a hit on Annalise’s life. Yeah, that car crash that happened was no accident, and it was the defining factor that took her unborn child from her.

Yes, people, Frank was behind all of the chaos that spilled over into the present day. While back at her mother’s home, our wise attorney was none too pleased to have the entire city at her doorstep, including her father. I will admit I thought the show tap danced around the issue involving her father. All that was evident was that his father apparently left their mother; and that did not bode well with Annalise, who gave him the cold shoulder on more occasions than I could count. When Nate arrived to alert his flame of her impending arrest, the time had come for her to return home, but she had a whopper of a secret she was keeping. It wasn’t Phillip who murdered the Hapstall parents, it was Caleb.

Phillip was merely hoping to get Annalise’s attention in Wes’ apartment with evidence of Caleb’s guilt. That was a nice twist that I must say I didn’t see happening. When the truth became evident, Caleb committed suicide in the bath tub by slitting his wrists. Yes, some might propose the notion that Caleb was murdered, but I’m not certain I buy that. He seems like the type of person who would take himself out when the walls close in.

Frank confessed his sins in a flashback with Tom revealing his involvement in Annalise’s accident. Tom was furious and threatened to ruin Frank if he ever mentioned ANYTHING to Annalise. Many of us had been eagerly wondering just why Frank would kill Lila, we know now. Tom used that leverage against Frank at a time he needed it most.

Bonnie broke the news to Annalise about everything involving Frank, which left Annalise seething. “Frank has to go,” quipped Annalise. Bonnie was unnerved by hearing this. As a viewer I suspected Annalise meant plans were in place to MURDER Frank. That is up for speculation. Laurel stopped by Frank’s abode and learned that he was gone; whew, for a second I thought someone might have murdered Frank!

The final moments of the finale saw Wes arriving in New York to confront his father Wallace Mahoney. As Wes came face-to-face with his dad someone fired a shot directly at his head killing him instantly. Yeah, it’s quite sad, because it seems Wes can never catch a break. So get your theories spinning? Who killed Wallace Mahoney?

It seems pretty obvious it may have been Frank looking for a bit of redemption, but that appears to be a bit too easy to me. Whoever committed the deed had a massive grudge against Mahoney. That’s the thing about “How to Get Away With Murder;” this show sure knows how to end on a cliffhanger, keeping fans waiting for the new season to premiere.