HOLLYWOOD─Death, murder, mayhem and utter chaos, that is how I can best describe the ABC series “How to Get Away with Murder.” Each season the series has revolved around an epic murder and the audience doing its best to put the pieces of the puzzle together before the big reveal. I will admit the series has done a terrific job at not making it easy for the viewer to pinpoint the culprit before the revelation. I mean the penultimate episode last week was sensational, seeing Annalise eviscerate Michaela, Connor and Laurel on the witness stand was fantastic.

I mean imagine having that level of power as lawyer during a trial it totally wowed me. Things were looking great for Annalise, however, behind the scenes Nate was working to get Jorge to testify against Annalise; not knowing his former flame was ready to deliver him the riot act on the stand as well. I mean Nate’s past is not pristine people. However, it was the final moments that left me stunned. How so? Well, Bonnie of all people decided to spill to Frank that he was the son of Hannah and Sam.

We did not see the immediate aftermath of that reveal, but we did stumble upon a bloody scene where Hannah, who Annalise just signed an agreement with lying dead on the floor from an apparent gunshot, wound. It looks like her death was staged to be a suicide, but audiences know on this series that is way too easy. The final hour of the series was a whirlwind of surprises that left me satisfied as a viewer. SPOILER ALERT: if you have not watched the episode, just stop reading now, otherwise you will be very upset.

Annalise Keating is indeed dead, but it’s not under the circumstances that you believe people. Yes, it was an epic reveal, epic, one that left me speechless people. I mean the level of fake outs for the viewers were stunning. I allowed myself to be so sutured to what was happening on the screen, I didn’t even see it coming.

For starters, this was some epic acting from all parties involved, just delicious TV led by the fantastic Viola Davis. Oh, she better be in contention for Lead Actress come Emmy time because her courtroom theatrics were amazing, but that speech she gave as her closing argument, perfection people. I actually found the ending for the series up par with what I expected for a series about people doing really bad things and actually getting away with it. For once, those who committed the dirty deeds had their dance with fate and not all things ended well.

We open with that cryptic image of gunshots heard outside the courthouse and a flurry of panic in the process. The audience is made to believe that Annalise has been shot and as a result we’re left wondering exactly who pulled the trigger, oh, but there are surprises people. Before we get to that we see Annalise prepping to cross-examine Nate (her former flame, turned foe), and in addition, we learn the Keating 3 (those still alive), plotting what can be done to help their case.

Michaela was still livid at Laurel for speaking the truth on the stand, while Connor came to grips with the fact that it was time to made amends for the sins of the past and was ok with going to jail. It is a mixed bag of feelings because on one end you want to see these characters you’ve come to love and hate receive their comeuppance, but at the same time we love when things end on a solid note. However, life does not operate on that function and I’m glad “HTGAWM” took that approach.

Frank was a complete wreck realizing that he was a product of incest, and everything that transpired in his life made perfect sense. He did his dirty work per usual, as threats were issued and he informed Gabriel to take the money he delivered to him and refuse to testify against Annalise. It then dawned on me, Gabriel and Frank were half-brothers. Why it took me so long to connect that I don’t know. Teagan professed her love to Annalise who was smitten, but not the least bit interested as I think Teagan was people. Bonnie regretted telling Frank the truth, that only created a tiff in their relationship as he severed ties.

The trial came to a close when Nate decided to tell the truth just like Laurel, pointing the figure at the district attorney, the governor and FBI for wanting to take down Annalise at all costs, even bribing him to do so. When the truth was exposed, it seemed solid Annalise would be free right? Well the tension was still there, just as Oliver was about to turn on Annalise on the stand, but Connor refused to allow it, asking his love for a divorce. Yeah, that was a stunning turn of events, because Annalise sold herself in ways one could have never expected, being found not guilty of any of the charges levied against her. Connor was sent to jail, Oliver was livid at Michaela who found herself all alone. You reap what you sew Michaela. Laurel was ready to travel with Kristopher, just as a rage-fueled Frank appeared outside the courtroom.

I thought, Frank, he could not be the person who killed Annalise right? It seemed that way, but Bonnie spotted him, as she tried to reach him before he did something bad. What was it? He fatally shot the governor, which resulted in him being shot. Bonnie rushed to Frank’s aid as he died in her arms. In a shocker, Annalise came to Bonnie’s aide and discovered she had been shot. It was riveting TV to watch people, and a ‘Romeo & Juliet’ type ending for Bonnie and Frank people.

Oh, that funeral, it was Annalise’s alright, but her death was contributed to old age, not murder. Do you remember that Wes sighting, the one that left me rattling my head was finally explained? He was burned to death in that house fire right, there is no way he’s alive right? The audience discovered at Annalise’s funeral it was a grown up version of Kristopher who was a splitting image of his father. Great twist people, one I never saw coming. One thing to recall, during this entire series run, not once did Annalise Keating commit murder. She was always covering up the crimes committed by those close to her to protect them from facing the music.

“How to Get Away With Murder” your first season was fantastic, must-see TV with surprises one never expected, season two a miss, season three an explosive surprise, season four a mixed bag, season five was a solid surprise, before an epic final season. You will be missed!